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APTA: A Brief Look at 2013

It would be impossible to list the ways you and your fellow members, with help from APTA staff, represented physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, students, the profession, and your patients and clients in 2013, but here are some highlights:

Adopting a New Vision

APTA's House of Delegates adopted a new Vision Statement for the Physical Therapy Profession: "Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience." The vision is supported by guiding principles that build on the foundation of Vision 2020 and will inform updates to APTA's strategic plan.

Improving Effectiveness of Care

With your support, APTA ...

Advancing Patient- and Client-Centered Care Across the Lifespan

With your participation, APTA ...

  • Continued development of an annual PT physical exam as part of integrating the continuum of care into physical therapist practice.
  • Had members appointed to the National Physical Activity Alliance Board of Directors and the Commission on Cancer.
  • Secured seats on The Joint Commission Professional Technical Advisory Committees for the home care, nursing and rehabilitation care, ambulatory care, and hospital programs.
  • Hosted the Innovation Summit: Collaborative Care Models to showcase new models of care delivery, reaching nearly 1,200 members across the country, both onsite and via a virtual platform.
  • Developed resources for regenerative rehabilitation, genetics, hospice and palliative care, and technology in patient care.
  • Developed and implemented the Fit After 50 and Fittest Cities campaigns as part of National Physical Therapy Month.
  • Hosted Painless Parenting 101, a media initiative focusing on women's health before, during, and after pregnancy. Results included increasing APTA's Facebook fans and Twitter followers, directing thousands of new visitors to the webpage, and placing articles in Parenthood, MomItForward, and Fit4Mom.
  • With the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and help from the World Federation of Physical Therapy, hosted an International Workforce Summit, generating ideas for recommendations to facilitate global workforce planning.

Furthering Professional Growth and Development

With your involvement, APTA ...

Promoting Value and Accountability

With your efforts, APTA ...

  • Successfully lobbied to preserve therapy cap exceptions and avoid a scheduled SGR pay cut.
  • Worked with multiple professional societies to refine the proposed Physical Therapy Classification and Payment System for outpatient therapy services.
  • Supported and promoted series of Government Accountability Office studies on in-office ancillary services abuses, which along with other mounting evidence prompted the introduction of the Promoting Integrity in Medicare Act in Congress (HR 2914) to curb abuses in physical self-referral.
  • Succeeded in securing direct access in Indiana, making evaluation without referral a reality all US jurisdictions; 48 states and Washington, DC, also allow for some form of treatment.
  • Supported efforts to enact fair physical therapy copay legislation in Connecticut, Arkansas, and Missouri.
  • Succeeded in securing legislation licensing physical therapist assistants in Hawaii, meaning that all 51 US jurisdictions now regulate PTAs.
  • Generated more than 20,000 letters to Congress in support of the Physical Therapy Workforce and Patient Access Act of 2013 (HR 1252/S 602) via the student-led Flash Action Strategy.
  • Worked to improve insurance policies through the annual insurance forum for payers, medical directors, and case managers.
  • Reached the mid-way point with the Regional Payment Pilot program in New England, with introduction of physical therapy pilot programs with various payers, an advocacy day, and strategies to enhance relationships with payers, legislators, and employers.
  • Developed online resources for multiple procedure payment reductions by nonfederal payers and expansion of coverage under health care reform.
  • Worked to improve physical therapists' and physical therapist assistants' awareness of and compliance with workers' compensation regulations.
  • Developed a process for determination of scope of practice issues.
  • Explained the impact of health care reform through a collection of resources, including the Making Sense of Health Care Reform series.
  • Laid the groundwork for an aggressive campaign, scheduled to launch in 2014, to mitigate the spread of fraud and abuse in the health care system and to promote the profession's commitment to integrity in practice.

Strengthening Membership

Because of you, APTA ...

  • Entered 2014 with more than 88,000 members, a 38% increase in membership over the past 10 years.
  • Revamped the Strategic Business Partner Program including benefits, tier structure, and approval process; acquiring 5 new partners and renewing 3 existing contracts.
  • Expanded member value programs, which provide members with access to quality and discounted products and services.
  • Debuted a Business Leader Roundtable between APTA staff and vendors to exchange information and share industry trends about the physical therapy marketplace. Its success prompted business leaders to ask for a follow-up meeting in 2014.
  • Conducted The Successful Physical Therapist online quiz to measure members' understanding of the Move Forward brand concepts. More than 1,500 members took the quiz with an average score of 82%.
  • Continued developing consumer resources at, APTA's official consumer information website, including a new Did You Know section, which includes social-media-friendly graphics to inspire shares.
  • Aired 30 episodes of Move Forward Radio, available via Blog Talk Radio and iTunes, including a patient success stories series in October for National Physical Therapy Month.
  • Exceeded 22,000 followers on Twitter and 24,000 followers on Facebook for APTA's most popular social media platforms targeting the physical therapy community.
  • Increased social media referrals to by 40% while increasing followers at consumer-targeting platforms on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Launched the APTA Action and APTA News apps.
  • Brought the House of Delegates to a wider audience by making pre-House motions public and by livestreaming the House proceedings to members, both for the first time.

Ensuring the Future: A Peek Into 2014

With your continued membership, APTA ...

Thank You!

These are just a few of the APTA initiatives made possible only due to the support of our members.

Thank you for being an APTA member!

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