PTA Advanced Proficiency Pathways (APP)

APTA is proud to introduce Advanced Proficiency Pathways (PTA APPs) for the physical therapist assistant (PTA)!

The Physical Therapist Assistant Advanced Proficiency Pathways (PTA APPs) are educational guides to help the licensed PTA gain advanced proficiency knowledge and skill in a selected area of work. Using the PTA APPs, participants take online core courses common to all of the APPs; content specific courses for the selected area of work; and mentoring experiences with a qualified mentor of the participant's choosing. A dedicated program mentor at APTA makes sure that participants stay on the pathway and arrive at advanced proficiency as efficiently as possible.

The Advanced Proficiency Pathways are career boosters that help PTAs move from novice knowledge and skill to advanced proficiency in the physical therapy area of choice. The program has 3 components:

1. APTA courses that are completed regardless of area of proficiency with knowledge checks.

2. Proficiency area-specific content with knowledge/skill checks.

3. Mentored clinical experiences with skills checks.

Participants receive guidance by a program mentor and a clinical mentor that has expertise in the content area.

Initial content areas include:

  • Acute Care
  • Cardiopulmonary
  • Geriatric
  • Oncology
  • Pediatrics
  • Wound Management

Additional content areas will be added as they are completed.

Click on the links below for additional information:

About the PTA Advanced Proficiency Pathways Program
Includes background, purpose, prerequisites, and other requirements.

PTA Advanced Proficiency Pathways Enrollment Process
Includes forms for enrollment, supervising PT recommendation/agreement, and clinical mentor recommendation/agreement.

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