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    Go the extra mile during CSM's Walk4Wheels step challenge by donating new or gently-used sports equipment to local underprivileged children.

    1. The Walk4Wheels Step Challenge - We Did It!

    The total steps are in and we're happy to announce that CSM attendees, APTA members and staff stepped a total of 180,364,119 steps over 7 days, more than over 45 million over goal! Thanks to all of you who helped as we raised $10,000 for the Medstar NRH Adaptive Sports program for new wheelchairs.

    About Medstar National Rehab Hospital and the Adaptive Sports Equipment Program
    MedStar Health’s physicians, nurses, researchers, and support staff are all focused on one thing—caring for families in Washington, DC, and Maryland. The Adaptive Sports & Fitness Program at MedStar NRH helps to maximize participation for individuals with disabilities in recreational and competitive sports. Through these programs, participants are able to build self-confidence, improve health and well-being, and gain greater independence. This program is open to anyone with a physical disability at no cost.

    The Walk4Wheels Step Challenge is sponsored by CORA Health
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    Leveling the Playing Field Kids

    2. The Sports Equipment Drive - More than $1400 raised in sports equipment donations!

    APTA is still collecting and will provide a total. During CSM, attendees donated more than $1400 worth of sports equipment that will go to youth in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

    This event was sponsored by the American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy, the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy, and the Council on Prevention, Health Promotion, and Wellness, along with APTA who partnered with Leveling the Playing Field (LPF) to run a collection drive Thursday, January 24-Friday, January 25 at APTA's Combined Sections Meeting.

    About LPF
    Leveling the Playing Field collects donated sports equipment and redistributes it to low-income kids throughout the DMV. All donations benefit needy schools, after school programs, and athletic leagues looking to engage their students in the physical and mental benefits of youth sports participation. LPF relies on used/excess sports donations from local communities to engage underprivileged children, so clean out your garages and basements of your old sporting equipment so that underprivileged kids are able to enjoy them!

    How to Participate in the Equipment Drive

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