CSM Conference & Exposition Press Registration

If you wish to register for press credentials, you must review and agree to the Conference Press Policy below (includes information related to access, media interviews, audio/video recording, and photography) and fill out the press application at the bottom of the page.

Press are responsible for making their own transportation and housing arrangements. Learn more about housing and travel options.

Details related to your press pass will be communicated by email only. Questions or concerns regarding any information contained in this policy should be direct to Erin Wendel-Ritter, manager, media relations and consumer communications, at erinwendel@apta.org or 703/706-3397.

APTA Conference Press Policy


Press seeking passes for APTA's 3 annual national meetings—Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) in February, NEXT Conference & Exposition in June, and National Student Conclave in October—must meet the minimum eligibility requirements outlined below. Press passes are issued at the sole discretion of APTA's media relations staff. APTA reserves the right to cap the number of press passes issued and to revoke press passes for any reason without prior notice. Failure to comply with the guidelines outlined in this policy may result in denial of future press pass requests.


Press passes will be issued only to those who:

  • Represent traditional media, TV/radio stations, trade publications, and/or active blogs or podcasts with a health care focus (this includes freelancers who can verify their editorial assignment and activity)
  • Outline their planned conference coverage and the reach of their news organization with the press pass application
  • Provide published writing samples
  • Agree to adhere to all elements of this press policy

The following are ineligible for press passes:

  • Account, advertising, marketing, public relations, and sales representatives and consultants
  • Social media personalities who “cover” the conference via social media platforms alone, including but not limited to Facebook and Facebook Live, Twitter, Periscope, Snapchat, and YouTube
  • Exhibitors
  • Book authors
  • Newsletters
  • Publishers


News organizations are limited to 2 press passes. Press passes will be available under the applicant's name at the Member Services counter located in the registration area. Anyone issued a press pass is required to wear both their conference badge and press lanyard at all times in the convention center, educational sessions, and Exhibit Hall. Press will receive a Dropbox link containing APTA and conference exhibitor press releases.


A press pass permits access to opening ceremonies, educational sessions, the Exhibit Hall, poster presentations, and other nonticketed events. Preconference courses, ticketed events, and closed business meetings are not accessible via a press pass.


Interviews with APTA staff (including the CEO), members of the Board of Directors (including the president), keynote speakers, and signature lecturers (NEXT's McMillan and Maley lecturers) must be requested in writing through APTA's Media Relations Department at least 15 days prior to the event. If onsite events prompt a new interview request, visit the Member Services counter to be connected to APTA's onsite media contact. Interviews are granted at the sole discretion of APTA's media relations staff, and not all requests will be satisfied.

Note: Media are responsible for arranging any other interviews. APTA does not provide an onsite interview or press room.

Audio/Video Recording and Photography

Press must observe the following guidelines for audio and video recordings and still photography and are responsible for securing all necessary permissions.

(Disclaimer: Images of copyrighted material used without prior consent of the copyright owner is strictly prohibited.)

Audio Recording:

  • Audio recording of interviews is permitted only with the consent of the interviewee; interviewees must be made aware they are being recorded and by whom.
  • Audio recording of signature lectures or events for live or subsequent broadcast is prohibited without APTA's prior written consent.
  • Audio recording or broadcast of standard educational sessions is prohibited without prior written consent from the speaker(s).
  • Audio recording in the Exhibit Hall is prohibited without written prior permission from the exhibitor.
  • Audio recordings may not be rebroadcast in whole or in part for any reason at any time.

Video Recording:

  • Video recording of signature lectures or events (including live broadcasts via Facebook Live, Periscope, etc) is prohibited without APTA's prior written consent.
  • Video recording of standard educational sessions (including live broadcasts via Facebook Live, Periscope, etc) is prohibited without prior written consent from the speaker(s).
  • Video recording is prohibited in the Exhibit Hall.


  • Photography is prohibited in the Exhibit Hall.



  1. Complete the press application below.
  2. In the application below:
    - provide an estimate of the size/reach of your audience, and
    - an outline of your planned conference coverage (eg, specific event, sessions, or speakers). 
  3. Upon completion of the application, email a byline sample of your work from a previous APTA conference or your news organization.
  4. Address any questions about the terms of this press policy during the registration process by email to erinwendel-ritter@apta.org.

Press Application

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