CSM Media Information

  • APTA Press Contact
    Erin Wendel
    Senior Media Relations Specialist

    Credentialed, working journalists and bloggers will be provided complimentary press registration to cover APTA's 2015 Combined Sections Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana, February 4-7, 2015.

    Bloggers who have active blogs with a history of physical therapy-related content will be permitted a press pass. Your blog will have to be vetted and verified by APTA's public relations staff. Both APTA member and nonmember bloggers are encouraged to register to cover the meeting.

    Register online for press credentials.

    Social Media at CSM 2015 

    Get regular updates on news, highlights, and other information related to this year's CSM meeting. Follow us on Twitter @APTAcsm and use the hashtag #APTACSM.