• CSM at the Nation's Capitol (Washington, DC)! Even if you attend, you can't catch it all. 

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    Media Center Interviews Live from CSM

    "You've got no bigger fan than the Surgeon General"

    APTA's CSM week began with the US Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Jerome Adams, talking to association leaders about opportunities to improve public health.



    Changes to Payment for PTs

    Particularly if you’re in private practice, home health, or a skilled nursing facility, you need to be aware payment changes that have arrived or are just around the corner.



    APTA Releases a New 3-Year Strategic Plan

    APTA is approaching its centennial in 2021 and has a new, data-driven strategic plan to lead the way.



    APTA Breaks Ground on New National Headquarters

    This week APTA broke ground on its new headquarters, APTA Centennial Center, set to open in 2021.



    People With Parkinson Disease Keep Moving Through Telerehabilitation

    PTJ editor in chief Alan Jette, PT, PhD, and Terry Ellis, PT, PhD, Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy, discuss the effectiveness of rehab and exercise interventions in modifying the progress of disease and disability in people with Parkinsons.



    APTA's 2019-2020 Public Policy Priorities

    APTA vice president Matt Hyland, PT, PhD, MPA, discusses APTA’s newly released public policy priorities for 2019-2020.



    Student Assembly: News from CSM

    Getting Involved as a Student, You Won't Regret It

    One student speaking for many on how student involvement changed his student experience and professional trajectory.



    PT Licensure Compact: What Students Need To Know

    We're talking about the PT Licensure Compact and what PTs and students need to know.



    Student Leaders On Involvement and Engagement

    APTA Student Assembly Board members on the importance of student involvement.



    Anxiety Diaries My Whole Body is a Nervous System

    The struggle with anxiety, stress, and depression is real for some in PT and PTA school, but this student is here to tell you it gets better and you have a support system.



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