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    Wednesday, January 23

    Platforms 1: 8:00 am-10:00 am

    Inspiratory Muscle Conditioning Improves Coordination But Not Strength Prior to Diaphragm Gene Therapy for Infantile Pompe Disease

    Time: 8:00 am–8:15 am

    Speaker: Barbara Smith, PT, PhD

    The Effects of Portable Oxygen Delivery on Performance and Recovery Time During the 6MWT and Stair Climb Test

    Time: 8:15 am–8:30 am

    Speaker: Dana Sanders

    Sustained Walk Speed Trends During the 6-Minute Walk Test in Patients Awaiting Lung Transplantation

    Time: 8:30 am–8:45 am

    Speaker: Ana Lotshaw, PT, PhD

    Efficacy of Inspiratory Muscle Training for Increasing Functional Capacity in Patients with Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury: An Evidence-Based Review

    Time: 8:45 am–9:00 am

    Speaker: Betty Smoot

    Associations of Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Fatness With Metabolic Syndrome in Rural Women With Prehypertension

    Time: 9:00 am–9:15 am

    Speaker: Patricia Hageman, PT, PhD

    The Effects of Acute and Chronic Caffeine Use on Myocardial Oxygen Consumption in College-Aged Adults

    Time: 9:15 am–9:30 am

    Speaker: John Handrakis, PT, DPT, EdD

    Preliminary Analysis of the Effects of Statins on Functional Performance and Skeletal Muscle Strength During Cardiac Rehabilitation

    Time: 9:30 am–9:45 am

    Speaker: Lauren Healey, PT, DPT

    Aerobic Exercise Improves Walking Endurance and Cardiorespiratory Response During Exercise Testing in Subacute Stroke

    Time: 9:45 am–10:00 am

    Speaker: Sandra Billinger, PT, PhD

    Platforms 2: 11:00 am-1:00 pm

    Knowledge Level of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Adults Who Have Participated in a Cardiac Rehab Program

    Time: 11:00 am–11:15 am

    Speaker: Pamela Bartlo, PT, DPT, CCS

    Cardiopulmonary Simulator Laboratory Experience Impact on Perceived Clinical Readiness in First-Year Doctor of Physical Therapy Students

    Time: 11:15 am–11:30 am

    Speaker: Kathy Lee Bishop, PT, DPT

    The Use of Programmable Patient Simulators to Improve Recognition and Response to Patient Events

    Time: 11:30 am–11:45 am

    Speaker: Brad Stockert, PhD

    The Effect of Guarding on the Outcomes of the 6-Minute Walk Test

    Time: 11:45 am–12:00 pm

    Speaker: Kristin Lefebvre, PT, PhD, CCS

    Heart Rate-based Methods for Exercise Intensity in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation: Are They Matching Physiological Demands?

    Time: 12:00 pm–12:15 pm

    Speaker: Alvaro Gurovich, PhD

    A Submaximal Step Test to Assess Aerobic Fitness in Children

    Time: 12:30 pm–12:45 pm

    Speaker: James Farris, PT, PhD

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