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    Wednesday; January 23

    Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

    Differential Diagnosis of Acute Low Back Pain in a Patient With Psychosocial Factors Presenting to the Emergency Department

    Presenters: (Davis) King KE; King BA

    Development of an Acute Care Physical Therapy Safety Evaluation

    Presenters: Beckman B; McGarry K; Bailey L

    Acute Care Examination and Prognosis for a Patient Following Hip Fracture Surgery: A Case Report

    Presenters: Chrobak E; Meardon SA

    The Effect of Non-contact Low Frequency Ultrasound on Wound Healing: A Systematic Review

    Presenters: Craven A; Smith EK; Wilson A

    Patient Perceptions of the Value and Efficacy of Interventions Provided by Physical Therapists in the Emergency Department

    Presenters: Fruth S; Slaven E; Hahn L; Schaumberg M; Hicks A; Gentry N; Brickens M; Hartman J

    Manual or Mechanical: Which Choice Should We Make for Our Patients Who Are Bariatric?

    Presenters: Greenwood KC; Greene KM; Fletcher C; Henry A; Huang S; Lai R

    An Objective Measurement of Students’ Preparedness for Acute Care Clinical Experiences

    Presenters: Greenwood KC; Iversen MD; Nicoloro D

    Daily Rehab Rounds in a Surgical Trauma ICU Decreases Hospital Length of Stay

    Presenters: Greer RW; Enderson BL

    Exploration of Gait Belt Use on Physical Therapist and Patient Safety

    Presenters: Graves D; Hall D; Martindale MM

    Cardiovascular Responses to Carrying Groceries in Bags With and Without Handles in Older Individuals With Below-Average Gait Speed

    Presenters: Irion G; Deshotel S; Dodd A; Tynes B

    Early Physical Therapy Consultation in Reducing Length of Stay and Medical Costs in a Patient With Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV): A Case Report

    Presenters: Duszak McArdle K; Hyon A

    Observation Status and Acute Care Physical Therapy: A Model for Delivery of Care

    Presenters: McLaughlin M

    Feasibility of an Exercise Program During Bone Marrow Transplant

    Presenters: Myers K; Gallagher M

    Simulation Experience Enhances Physical Therapy Student Confidence in Managing a Patient in the Critical Care Environment

    Presenters: Ohtake PJ; Lazarus M; Schillo R; Rosen M

    Total Femur Replacement for the Treatment of Metastatic Bone Lesions

    Presenters: Peterson A

    Physical Therapy Practice in the Emergency Department Observation Unit: A Descriptive Study

    Presenters: Plummer LS; Sridar S; Beninato M; Parlman K

    Physical Therapy Interventions Using Dual-Task Phenomenon to Decrease Cognitive-Motor Interference in an Individual Post Intracerebral Hemorrhage: A Case Report

    Presenters: Tilsley A; Raymond GL

    Implementation of Functional Outcome Measures in Acute Care

    Presenters: Trimpe J; Myszenski A; Stein K; Johnson S; Beg MA; Fasbinder B

    Project Move: A Collaborative Approach to Increasing Activity on a General Medicine Floor

    Presenters: Trotsky AM

    Examining Factors and Implementing Strategies to Improve Physical Therapy Turnover Rates in an Acute Care Hospital

    Presenters: Vatwani A; Price B; Caldwell M

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