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    Wednesday, January 23

    Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

    Predicting Physical Therapy Education Success Based on Undergraduate Institution Attended: A Preliminary Study

    Presenters: Bush T; Weir JP

    Do US Physical Therapy Educators Have a Responsibility to Advance PT Education and Practice in Underdeveloped Countries? A Perspective Following 4 Years of Interaction in Niger

    Presenters: Carey J; Lojovich J

    Concurrent Validity of the PT Student Evaluation of a Clinical Experience and Clinical Instruction in Physical Therapy Clinical Education

    Presenters: Cuffia B; Selby-Silverstein L; Atkins T

    Genomics in Clinical Care: A Distance-based Learning Thread for Entry-Level Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Students

    Presenters: Curtis CL; Connolly JP; Dziuba SN; Hnath SR; Raimondi C

    Creating an Innovative Interprofessional Environment During a Simulated Hospital Day

    Presenters: Dillon L

    Educating Interior Designers on Wheelchair Accessibility: A Theoretical and Experiential Approach

    Presenters: Elgelid S; Flannery J; Mancuso K; Falco J; Davidson E; Blew C

    Virtual Grand Rounds: Incorporating Guidance for Evidence-based Practice Into Clinical Rotations

    Presenters: Fay D; Sartor-Glittenberg C; Wilkinson T; Klawonn A; Bordenave L

    One-Minute Paper: Student Perception of Learning Gains

    Presenters: Anderson DK; Burns S

    Development of a Clinical Education Site at a University Student Health Center

    Presenters: Fitzgerald LM; Pravdo AM

    Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Training Increases Empathy and Reduces Anxiety for Graduate Health Care Students

    Presenters: Barbosa P; Raymond GL

    South Africa Dialogue: Impact of a Global Experience in a Physical Therapy/Health Science Curriculum on the Facilitation of Cultural Competence and Core Value Development

    Presenters: Fitzpatrick DF; Thomas A; Patel N

    The Effects of a 7-Week Prosthetic Clinic on Physical Therapy Students' Learning Outcomes

    Presenters: Bartlett A

    Insight Into Physical Therapy Students' Experiences of Interprofessional Collaboration During an 8-Week Clinical Clerkship

    Presenters: Fitzsimmons A; Topp K

    Physical Therapy Student Perceptions of the Value of a Unique Cadaver Laboratory Experience to Supplement Classroom Learning in a Clinical Course

    Presenters: Boore N; Tunney N; Fabrizio P

    Near-Peer Teaching of Therapeutic Exercise to First-Year Physical Therapy Students

    Presenters: Folkins E; Fernebok S; Lewis J

    Critical Thinking and Academic Performance Are Associated With NPTE Scores in Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Graduates

    Presenters: Brahler C; Donahoe-Fillmore B; Fisher MI; Anloague P

    Bloodborne Pathogen Training for Future Physical Therapists: Comparison of 3 Educational Approaches

    Presenters: Frerich J; Higgins W; Medley A; Mitchell K

    The Role of a Journal Club in an Entry-Level Physical Therapy Evidence-based Practice Class

    Presenters: Furtado M

    Does Proximity to the Instructor in a Physical Therapy Lecture Classroom Positively Affect Academic Performance in Class?

    Presenters: Geelhoed M; Ernst G

    A Longitudinal Study of the Development of Clinical Reasoning in Physical Therapist Students

    Presenters: Gilliland SJ

    Exploring Novice Clinical Instructors' Experiences in Physical Therapy Clinical Education: A Phenomenological Study

    Presenters: Greenfield B; Bridges P; Phillips T; Drill A; Gaydosik C; Krishnan A; Yandziak H

    Generational Divide (or Not): Survey Comparisons of Perceptions; Priorities; Preferences; and Career Plans of 3 Generations of Physical Therapists/Physical Therapist Assistants Upon Entering the Workforce

    Presenters: Harris M; McSorley OL

    Promoting and Assessing Cultural Competence; Professional Role Formation; and Advocacy in Doctor of Physical Therapy Students Within a Community of Practice

    Presenters: Hayward L; Li L

    Using an Interprofessional Approach To Develop Accessibility Awareness For Students in the Health Sciences Professions

    Presenters: Heitzman, J; Dickson, J; Duncan, JC

    Clinical-Models and Application of Guide Concepts Found in Musculoskeletal Case Reports

    Presenters: Helgeson K; Walker M; Smith RA

    Digital Video Facilitates Qualitative Motion Analysis Skills in DPT Students

    Presenters: Hoover DL; Wilkinson SG

    Influence of Generational Affiliation on Embodiment of APTA Core Values

    Presenters: Horbacewicz JS; Topas S; Mullokandov A; Termini D

    A Regional Comparison of Internship Characteristics and Their Effect on Student Assessment of Clinical Experiences

    Presenters: Howman J; Grinnan K; Johnson A

    Resilience and Resilient Drives of a Patient With Cerebral Palsy and a Primary Caregiver: A Case Report

    Presenters: Ingalls S; Seiger C; Olsen J

    Integrating Research Into Practice: An Examination of Perspectives and Behaviors Of Clinical Instructors

    Presenters: Jacobson PJ; Crandell C

    Pedagogical Effectiveness—A Comparison Of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy Instructional Methods in an Entry-Level DPT Program: The Student's Perspective

    Presenters: Johnson L; Molina PM; Lwin J; Freeman E; Thomson M

    Neurologic Examination Simulation as a Diagnostic Tool to Assess Student Understanding and Teaching Needs

    Presenters: Johnston TE

    Formation and Implementation of a Student-Run Pro Bono Physical Therapy Clinic

    Presenters: Krug J; Bridges JA; Pester J; Mayhan E; Gatti G; Torretta A; Drennan R; Guinn B

    Multifaceted Interview Process

    Presenters: Lake DA; Schaefer KW

    Use of a Collaborative and Interdepartmental Approach in the Development of a Technology-based Application Prototype to Complement Didactic Instruction for Neck Pain Management

    Presenters: Lehr ME

    Outcomes of Team-based Learning in a Doctor of Physical Therapy Basic Clinical Skills Course

    Presenters: Lein DH; Graham C; Clark D; Lowman JD

    Using Diagnostic Ultrasound as an Educational Tool in an Entry-Level DPT Curriculum

    Presenters: Magee J; Lee J

    How to Add Spice to Your Curriculum: Development of a Student-Pediatric Integrated Clinical Experience

    Presenters: Matson J; Mai JA; Thiele AH; Kuhle M

    Selection Criteria for Entry Into the University of Evansville Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

    Presenters: McFelea JT; Chambliss S; Chambliss T; Martin S

    Health and Wellness Behaviors of Students Enrolled in Physical Therapist Education Programs

    Presenters: McKiernan BJ; Keener J; Loyet K; Nassen C; Woods A

    Use of a Clinical-Reasoning Tool in Applied Clinical Science Courses in a DPT Curriculum

    Presenters: Mowder-Tinney J; Miller Spoto M

    Impact of an Intradisciplinary Case-based Learning Experience on the Knowledge Regarding Professional Roles of Physical Therapy and Physical Therapist Assistant Students

    Presenters: Nelson TK; Hoang H

    Physical Therapy Student Level of Awareness and Interest in APTA-credentialed Residency and Fellowship Programs

    Presenters: O'Donnell AE; Japp K; Morris R

    The Demographic Predictors of Student Physical Therapists' Cultural Competence

    Presenters: Okere SD; Gleeson PB; Mitchell K; Melzer BA; Olson S

    A Student-Run Clinic: Improving Student Confidence and Community Health

    Presenters: Ostertag SA; Holt A; Peters C

    Impacting Professional Practice in a Physical Therapist Clinical Education Program

    Presenters: Pabian P; Dyson JJ

    Evidence-based Clinical Practice Experiences of Recent Doctor of Physical Therapy Graduates: Supervisor and Mentor Perspectives

    Presenters: Palaima MM; Rambaud M

    Creation of Interprofessional Education Simulation in Health Care Curriculum

    Presenters: Panzarella KJ; Nowakowski PE

    Creating Interprofessional Simulation Cases for Cultural Competence

    Presenters: Panzarella KJ

    A Community–Academic Partnership for Cultivating APTA Core Values and Goals

    Presenters: Pariser GL; Bramble A; Carlisle S; Cotton L; Williams M; Crandell C

    A Qualitative Study of Professional Formation and Moral Agency in Physical Therapy Education: An Analysis of Student Reflections

    Presenters: Peck K; Lanahan J

    Rehabilitation in Shijiazhuang China: A Cultural Immersion Experience and Impact on Student Learning in the Professions of Physical and Occupational Therapy; and Nursing

    Presenters: Peck K; Carrico C; Jensen L; Mu K; Bracciano A

    Interaction Between Cohorts of Doctoral Physical Therapy Students During Full-Time and Part-Time Clinical Education Experiences

    Presenters: Pelletier DD; Nowakowski KA; Grigely S

    Predictors of Success for Graduate Physical Therapy Students on the National Physical Therapy Examination

    Presenters: Perry W; Carlos J

    Clinical Teaching Behaviors and Attitudes of APTA-credentialed and Non-credential Physical Therapist Clinical Instructors

    Presenters: Peatman N; Wetherbee E; Petrosino C

    Directors' Perceptions of Current Challenges in Providing Clinical Education

    Presenters: Recker-Hughes CA; Becker-Sher E; Padial-Muncan C; Crick N; Becker M

    Using Collaborative Web Tools to Achieve Affective and Psychomotor Objectives in Hybrid Physical Therapy Education

    Presenters: Riba M; Shaw KL

    Comparison of Student Physical Therapist Self-Rating and Clinical Instructor Rating of Clinical Performance During Physical Therapy Internships

    Presenters: Riopel M; Gray DL; Ledbetter K; Decker B

    The Effect of Student Debt on Early Physical Therapy Career Decisions

    Presenters: Roach KE; Heinen B; Hirsch M; Goldberg J; Pahl NC; Hayes SH

    Evaluation of a Multiple Sclerosis Educational Track for Physical Therapy Students

    Presenters: Rosenberg A; Meyer D; Tooher J; Waddell E; Eicher C; Fay A; Gooch K; Johnston LB

    An Innovative Collaboration for a Pro Bono Student-Service Learning Clinic

    Presenters: Rundell SD; Guthrie M; Olson KL; Michaud S

    Who's Teaching DPT Students? Characteristics of Core DPT Faculty in AY 2009–2010

    Presenters: Schack-Dugre J; Tucker JE

    Physical Therapist Student Perception of the Role of Spirituality in Physical Therapy Practice and Education

    Presenters: Shields KA

    Creating a Positive Learning Environment on Clinical Internships: A Case Study to Examine Roles of the Clinical Education Faculty and Student to Facilitate Professional Growth

    Presenters: Siles A; Read B

    Making Cents: Financial Literacy and Management for DPT Students

    Presenters: Smith MB; Tschoepe B

    The Incidence of Academic Dishonesty Among Physical Therapist Students in Entry-Level Programs With Honor Codes

    Presenters: Spake EF; Newton TF; Wickey ME

    Service Learning in Health Promotion and Wellness: Perspectives of Students and Community Partners

    Presenters: Tapley HE; Patel R

    Professional Development of the Neurologic Physical Therapist: A Qualitative Study

    Presenters: Valentine A; Utsey C

    Comparison of Physical Activity Parameters in Physical Therapy Students: Clinical Versus Didactic Instruction

    Presenters: Weise S; Hudson-McSpadden K; Owens S; Myers S

    Utilization; Attitudes; and Behaviors of Facebook by Physical Therapists and Student Physical Therapists

    Presenters: Yorke AM; Snider T

    Assessing the Reliability of Lasater Clinical Judgment Rubric© For Measuring Physical Therapy Students' Clinical Judgment Skills

    Presenters: Zarrinkhameh L; Gilbert M; Deoghare H

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