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    Tuesday, January 22

    Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

    A Novel Isokinetic Training Program for Reducing Falls in a Community-Dwelling Older Adult: A Case Report

    Presenters: Beebe JA; Hines RW; McDaniel LT; Shelden BL

    Perceptions of Working in Geriatrics in Entry-Level Physical Therapy Students: A Qualitative Study

    Presenters: Blackwood J; Sweet C

    Does Walking Speed Improve in Acute Care; Skilled Nursing; or Inpatient Rehabilitation?

    Presenters: Braden HJ; Ko M; Hortick K; Bohmfalk MD

    Simplified Care for a Complex Geriatric Vertigo Patient in the Home Environment

    Presenters: Catoe MJ

    Unique Answers to Eliminate Falls in a Patient With Dementia

    Presenters: Catoe MJ

    Test–Retest Reliability and Minimal Detectable Change of the BESTest in Postmenopausal Women

    Presenters: Chen H; Meiers J; Wang-Hsu E; Strazzullo T; Adjei B; Smith SS

    Effect of Time and Use of Pictographs on Exercise Performance in Adults Aged 50 Years and Older

    Presenters: Chesbro S; Polk C; Stephens J; Thomas P; John E

    Training Protocols That Minimize Motor Output Variability Enhance Motor Learning in Older Adults

    Presenters: Christou EA; Fox EJ; Onushko T; Baweja HS; Kim C; Kwon M; Chen Y; Larkin KA

    Characteristics of Geriatric Practice Settings That Attract and Retain PTs in the SNF/ICF Practice Setting

    Presenters: Collins TL; Prall J

    A Systematic Review of the Effects of Whole Body Vibration on Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Women

    Presenters: Colvin GR; Schieck A; Kiner JL; Powers J

    Integrated Body-Weight–Supported Treadmill Training for an Individual With Multiple Amputations: A Case Report

    Presenters: Constantino R; McNeely A; Meardon SA

    What Is the Effect of an In-Home Physical Therapy Program on a Geriatric Patient With Kennedy Disease?

    Presenters: Costello L

    What Factors Best Predict Falls in Cognitively Impaired Older Adults?

    Presenters: Dawson NT; Judge KS

    Predicting Probability for Falls With the Dynamic Gait Index Is Enhanced With Trail-Making Test in Older Adults Without Known Cognitive Decline

    Presenters: Dewane JA; Hetzel S; Heiderscheit B

    A Systematic Review of the Effectiveness of the LSVT® BIG Protocol on Improving the Speed and Amplitude of Movements in Patients With Parkinson Disease

    Presenters: Endres G; Puhalla A; Aucker A; Sinko S; Collins TL

    Case Study: SmartPhone Use for Polypharmacy Identification and Management in a High Fall-Risk; Community-Dwelling Older Adult

    Presenters: Falini J; Cummings R

    The Relationship Between Gait Variability and Balance in Older African American Adults With Hypertension

    Presenters: Foxworth J; Long B; Hargrave A; Gray N

    High-Speed Power Training in Older Adults: Achieving Peak Power at Lower External Resistances

    Presenters: Gibson K; Sayers SP

    Associations Between Balance Confidence and Lower-Extremity Strength and Power in Community-Dwelling Older Adults

    Presenters: Goldberg A; Talley SA

    A Trunk Muscle Training Program Augmented With Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Appears to Improve Function in Older Adults With Chronic Low Back Pain: A Pilot Randomized Trial

    Presenters: Hicks GE; Manal TJ; Sions JM; Velasco T; Snyder-Mackler L

    The Effects of a Power-Periodization Versus a Progressive Resistance Exercise (PRE) Approach to Training Adults at Risk for Sarcopenia

    Presenters: Hovanec A; Swanick K; Hunt D

    Test–Retest Reliability; Validity; and Minimal Detectable Change of Balance Evaluation System Test in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Pilot Study

    Presenters: Huang M; Miller KA; Schrag K; Fredrickson K; Borja A

    The Community Balance and Mobility Scale: A New Scale to Evaluate Higher-Level Balance and Mobility Deficits in the Community-Dwelling Elderly

    Presenters: K Balasubramanian C

    Core Muscle Strengthening Improves Balance in Community-Dwelling Older Adults

    Presenters: Kahle N; Tevald MA

    Physical Exercise Program Reduces Frailty and Fall Risk in Older Adults With Mild Cognitive Impairment

    Presenters: Kirk-Sanchez NJ; Roach KE; Mandel DW; Nunez-Gaunaurd A; Cary CL; Ibrahim K; Manek LR; Wong Y; Loewenstein D

    Validating an Objective Measure: Determining the Intra and Interrater Reliability of the Fall-Risk Assessment and Screening Tool (FRAST)

    Presenters: Larson CL; Ryder B; Martine C

    The Effects of Lower-Body Positive Pressure Treadmill Training On Balance; Mobility; and Lower-Extremity Strength of Community-Dwelling Older Adults

    Presenters: Lazaro R

    Effectiveness of Tai Chi and Yoga Interventions in Reducing Fear of Falling for Community-Dwelling Elders: A Systematic Review

    Presenters: McNeal B; Knowles N; Tinsley Biggs A

    The Effect of a Supervised Group Wellness Exercise Program on Balance; Gait; and Quality of Life in Individuals With Lower-Limb Amputation: A Pilot Study

    Presenters: Miller CA; Durham KL; Hom SC; Smith JL; Williams JE

    Use of LSVT Big Treatment Protocol to Effectively Influence Patients With Parkinson Disease

    Presenters: Pendleton C; Hall L

    The Relationship of Peripheral Sensation to Balance Measures and to Balance Exercise Outcomes

    Presenters: Prost EL; Gaub M; Bomar M; Langland G; Farid R; LeMaster JW; Brown M

    How Do Patients Measure Up at Discharge From Home Physical Therapy?

    Presenters: Riek LM; Hilton TN; Tome J; Kates S; Houck J

    Pilates-based Exercise for Fall-Risk Reduction in Older Adults Roller

    Presenters: M; Kachingwe A; Ickes D; Shrier G; Beling J

    Test–Retest Agreement for Walking Speed With a 1-Week Interval

    Presenters: Roush JR; Bay C; Amborn S; Kays P

    Functional Outcome Measure Use in Acute and Postacute Settings: Are We Speaking the Same Language?

    Presenters: Sage L; Anemaet WK

    Effect of Cognitive Performance Improvement on Postural Steadiness

    Presenters: Sifft M; Neuman S; Chikani H; Fahnstrom B; Kranz A; Shanahan B; Blaschak M; Bateni H

    The Impact of Social Support Status on Functional Improvement in Hispanic Seniors After Tai Chi Training

    Presenters: Siu K; Huang C; Rajaram SS

    Service Learning: Geriatrics and Global Health

    Presenters: Sliwinski M; Levy J; Wood A; Lazar V; Parisi D; Madrigal J

    The Effect of Fatigue of the Ankle Plantarflexors on Sensory Organization and Limits of Stability in a Healthy; Elderly Population

    Presenters: Wallmann HW; Burgess C; Sommerhalder A; Wild T; Dimotsantos P

    Delirium Screening by Geriatric Physical Therapists: A Survey of Practice Patterns; Knowledge; and Barriers

    Presenters: White L; Braddock K; Walker M; Wood J

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