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    Tuesday, January 22

    Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

    Effect of a Cultural Competence Educational Intervention on Physical Therapist Students

    Presenters: Beling J

    International Interprofessional Cultural Training

    Presenters: Brown RM; Garvey T

    Out-of-Pocket Spending for Physical Therapy Visits in 1999 and 2009

    Presenters: Chevan J

    Methods to Evaluate the Effect of International Physical Therapy Service-Learning Trips on Participants

    Presenters: Chmielewski T; Miller G; Stevens-Lapsley J; Nohe L; Burton S; Dalmolin J; Englebrect L; Kettles M; Leary M; Taylor LC

    Transitioning Gen Y Students Into Jobs With Gen X Coworkers and Boomer Bosses

    Presenters: Ellison J; Kunz K; McGowen G; Ott S; Chapman K

    Improving Health Through Exercise in People Living With HIV

    Presenters: Fitzpatrick DF; Hinds Harris M; Danilenko A

    Development of International Health Partnerships for Physical Therapist Students

    Presenters: Francis NJ; Sander AP; Bolstad C; Gates D; Lewandowski J; Martini J; McGraw C; Murray E

    Does Preoperative Physical Therapy Improve Postsurgical Outcomes of Patients Undergoing a Total Knee and/or Total Hip Arthroplasty? A Systematic Review

    Presenters: Gawel J; McCallum C; Brown S; Collins J

    Measuring Cross-Cultural Adaptability and Professional Core Values Development of Entry-Level Student Physical Therapists: A Proof-of-Concept Study

    Presenters: Glickman LB

    Physical Therapy Student Perspectives on a Cross-Cultural Immersion Experience in a Developing Country: A Case Report

    Presenters: Glickman LB

    Promoting Physical Activity in African American Older Adults: A Pilot Study of the Effectiveness of Community Physical-Activity Promoters

    Presenters: Healey WE; Huber G; Rudd C; Kabbe V

    Physical Therapy Practice in the Dominican Republic: A Qualitative Study of Needs and Assets

    Presenters: Kietzman-Greer L; Kietzman-Greer N

    Coming Home After Disaster Relief Work in Haiti

    Presenters: Klappa SG; Leeman KJ; Olson AC; Rassat AL; White RT

    Characteristics of Community and Practice That Influence Physical Therapists' Employment Decisions

    Presenters: Berg PJ; Cross PS; Karges JR; McCormick K; VanKlompenburg J; Wasland M

    Application of ATP (Assistive Technology Professional) Skills in a South American Community With Limited Resources

    Presenters: Layman JC

    UNC Physical Therapy Guatemalan Project: Maximizing Acquisition of Cultural Competency Skills for Physical Therapy Students Through Service Learning in a Developing Country

    Presenters: Little D; Noonan C; Errickson SP

    Evaluating the Effectiveness of Implementing a School-based Physical Activity (BeFit) Program in Elementary Education: A Pilot Study

    Presenters: Mastrangelo MA; Boyce J; Costello H; Sadowl C; Sadang R; Rust N

    Compassion Fatigue in Physical Therapists and Strategies for Resiliency: A Case Report

    Presenters: Duszak McArdle K; Joshi RK

    Physical Therapy in Urgent Care Clinic

    Presenters: Mehta A; Katipally B; Du L; Walk M; Ahsan S

    Becoming a Bridging Educator: A Conceptual Model for Cross-Cultural Teaching

    Presenters: Michajlyszyn C; Thompson KA; Stiller C; Doherty DJ

    Evaluation of Client Satisfaction With Pro Bono Physical Therapy Services at a Free Medical Clinic

    Presenters: Milidonis M; Euype S; O'Loughlin K; Vitak K

    From the White Coat to Flip Flops: A Therapist's Story from the Field of Practice

    Presenters: Mosaddeghi P; Klappa SG

    The Relationships Among Medical Insurance Payer Source and Total Knee Arthroplasty Outcomes: A 3-Year Retrospective Chart Review

    Presenters: Nelson TK; Thompson JA; Dasa V; Mercante D; Bates B; Broekstra C

    Successes; Failures; and Plans for the Future: Assessing the Impact of UNC Chapel Hill's Physical Therapy Service-Learning Program on Guatemalan Therapists

    Presenters: Noonan C; Little D; Errickson SP

    The Effects of Tai Chi Balance Intervention on Fall Risk in People With Multiple Sclerosis

    Presenters: O'Bryan A; Camic D; Miller L; Wiegand MR; Cummings T

    Leadership Development: A Proposed Model for a Therapy Organization's Advancement

    Presenters: O'Shea K; Mesibov M; Brook J

    Capacity Building in Guatemala: Lessons Learned From an Early Partnership Between Universidad Mariano Galvez and Health Volunteers Overseas

    Presenters: Pechak C; Peteet JO

    Exercise Education for Patients in an In-patient Psychiatric Unit

    Presenters: Reilly T; Sharby N; Norton A

    Physical Therapists' Knowledge; Attitudes; and Practices When Working With Patients With Limited Health Literacy: A Survey Design

    Presenters: Salzman A; Eck S; Lange S; Marsh M; Wood A; Hilliard MJ

    A Comparison of Physical Therapy Education and Accreditation Systems in India and the United States

    Presenters: Sanko JP; Pathak NH

    Investigation Into Nurses Perceptions of Balance and Fall Risks in a Homeless Population

    Presenters: Sharby N; Bloom E; Bloom E

    The Burden on Caregivers of Persons with Chronic Mental and Physical Diseases and Disabilities in Low and Middle Income Countries: A Literature Review

    Presenters: Thrush A; Bachani A; Hyder A

    Development of an Educational Model for Training Physical Therapy Personnel in Haiti

    Presenters: Wehde MK; Hake M; Carlson T; Hobbs JA; McGarry K; Ness D; Oberg T; Peterson T

    A Student-Run Pro Bono Rehabilitation Clinic Addressing the Needs of the Uninsured

    Presenters: Wolanin M; Underhill T; Helgren ME

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