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    Wednesday, January 23 | Thursday, January 24 

    Wednesday, January 23

    Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

    Balance and Falls Special Interest Group (SIG) 

    The Reliability and Validity of the "Sway Sled"®: A New Clinical Measure of Stability Limits

    Presenters: Allison LK; Shoaf R; van der Linde M

    Minimum Clinically Important Difference of the Functional Gait Assessment in Older Adults Based on Survey of Patients and Therapists

    Presenters: Beninato M; Fernandes A; Plummer L

    Use of the Wii Fit for Balance Rehabilitation: Establishing Parameters for Healthy Individuals: Preliminary Results Burns

    Presenters: M; Andeway K; Ruroede K; Eppenstein P

    Differences in Balance Performance and Fall Risk Between Fallers and Non-fallers Using 4 Balance Tests

    Presenters: Cleary KK; Skornyakov E; Prescott K

    Predicting Falls in Parkinson Disease: Is the Brief-BESTest as Good as the Mini-BESTest?

    Presenters: Duncan R; Leddy AL; Cavanaugh J; Dibble LE; Ellis TD; Ford MP; Foreman K; Earhart GM

    Reliability and Validity of Measuring Gait Velocity and Step Times Using Laptop Mouse Entry

    Presenters: Fell DW; Wall JC; Howell M; Peterson A; York R

    The Use of the Mini-BESTest in the Diagnostic Evaluation of Patients With Suspected Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

    Presenters: Graham M; Shumrak GK

    Case Report: Use of the Xbox 360 Kinect Gaming System to Improve Balance in a Community-Dwelling Adult With a History of Recurrent Cerebellar Meningioma

    Presenters: Hakim RM; Hindman J; Horne M; Kyle K

    Co-morbidities in Parkinson Disease: Implications in Screening for Balance Deficits

    Presenters: King LA; Priest K; Wilhelm J; Serdar A; Blehm R; Pierce D; Horak FB

    The Effects of Vibrotacticle Feedback on Reaction Times During Dual-Task Balance Performance in Different Age Groups

    Presenters: Lin C; Whitney SL; Sparto P; Furman JM; Loughlin PJ; Redfern MS; Marchetti GF; Sienko K

    Development and Validation of a Timed Version of the Dynamic Gait Index

    Presenters: Shumway-Cook A; Matsuda PN; Studer M; Whetten B; Taylor C

    The Accelerometer as a Valid Outcome Measure of Core Stability During Dynamic Activities

    Presenters: Millard TL; Hayes DM; Bellamy K; Brubaker S; Dunn H; Gurley J; Kincaid K

    Effectiveness of the Feldenkrais Method for Balance Systems and Balance-Related Disorders: A Systematic Review

    Presenters: Richardson BI; Fenner MD; Allen RJ

    Kinematic Analysis of Postural Response to Posterior Translation While Wearing Rocker Bottom Shoes in Younger and Older Adults

    Presenters: Scott DR; Gulledge E; Bolena R; Albright B

    Equilibrium of 3-D Spinal Rotation Differences in Subjects With and Without Low Back Pain

    Presenters: Sung P; Ryu J; Jeong E; Shrestha P

    Identification of Fall Risk in Community-Dwelling Older Adults Using Non-linear Analysis of Head Sway

    Presenters: Thompson MH; Wrisley DM; Cavanaugh J; Trueblood PR; Umphred D

    Stroke Special Interest Group (SIG) 

    The Arabic Version of the Dynamic Gait Index: A Validation Study

    Presenters: Alghwiri AA; Mahmoud W

    Examination of Sustained Gait Speed in Individuals With Chronic Stroke Deficits

    Presenters: Altenburger P; Dierks TA; Miller KK; Combs SA; Van Puymbroeck M; Schmid AA

    Task Analysis to Guide Intervention in an Individual With Chronic Cerebellar Stroke

    Presenters: Ash A; Hussey E; Meardon SA

    Predictors of Functional Outcomes (OASIS-C) for Patients After Stroke Undergoing Home-based Rehabilitation

    Presenters: Asiri FY; Marchetti GF; Ellis J; Otis L; Whitney SL

    Effectiveness of Body-Weight–Supported Treadmill Training on Gait Speed in the Stroke Population: A Systematic Review

    Presenters: Baldwin J; Hassan A; Townsend E; McCarthy-Jacobson A

    Effects of 6 Months of Intensive Physical Therapy in Conjunction With Pharmacological Interventions on Chronic Stroke Outcomes: A Case Study

    Presenters: Barakatt E; Coleman-Salgado B; McKeough M; Mandeville D; Gong J; Mintz E; Thatch J; Vourakis A

    Short-Term Effects of Hyperresistance Exposure on Gait Velocity and Muscle Activation in Individuals Post Stroke

    Presenters: Bauer A; Dessecker D; Everly K; Percival E; Wlodarski M; Kahn JH; Brown D

    Clinician Adherence to a Standardized Assessment Battery Across Settings and Disciplines in a Poststroke Rehabilitation Population

    Presenters: Bland MD; Sturmoski A; Whitson M; Harris H; Connor LT; Fucetola R; Edmiaston J; Huskey T; Carter A; Kramper M; Corbetta M; Lang CE

    Investigating Whether Discharge Destination From a Long-Term Care Hospital Can Be Predicted Using Admission/Discharge FIM Scores for Patients Post CVA

    Presenters: Booth J; Kerscher C; Klauber K; Popp J

    Locomotor Rehabilitation of Individuals With Chronic Stroke: Difference Between Responders and Nonresponders

    Presenters: Bowden MG; Behrman A; Neptune RR; Gregory CM; Kautz SA

    Outcomes Following Music-based Treadmill Training on a Patient 3 Months Post Stroke: A Case Report

    Presenters: Boyea C; Patel M; Ryer S

    The Effect of Commercial Gaming Systems on Upper-Extremity Function During Stroke Rehabilitation: A Systematic Review

    Presenters: Curbow-Wilcox K; Brown M; Davis T; Greer H; Roberts L; Tate B; Walker C

    Living With a "Ball and Chain": The Lived Experience of Stroke for Individuals and Caregivers in Rural Appalachian Kentucky

    Presenters: Danzl M; Hunter E; Campbell S; Sylvia V; Kuperstein J; Maddy K; Harrison AL

    The Lived Experience of Stroke Across the Continuum of Care in Rural Appalachia: Theoretical Frameworks

    Presenters: Harrison AL; Kuperstein J; Danzl M; Hunter E; Campbell S; Sylvia V; Maddy K

    Use of Video Feedback During Chronic Stroke Rehabilitation

    Presenters: Deprey SM; Grafenauer R; Hunt A; Smith J

    The Combined Use of Serial Casting and Functional Electrical Stimulation to Improve Walking Speed and Range of Motion in a Patient With Chronic Spastic Hemiplegia

    Presenters: Eikenberry M; White F

    The Impact of Shoulder Abduction Angle and Abduction Loading on Reaching Distance in Adults With Chronic Hemiparesis

    Presenters: Ellis MD; Barczak K; Chirillo S; Costabile G; Dunford G; Snetselaar J; Drogos J; Dewald JP

    Recovery of Gait Following the Resection of the Primary Motor Cortex

    Presenters: Ellis MD; Fasick M; Ronin D

    Pedometers to Augment the Health of Stroke Survivors: A Pilot Study

    Presenters: Espe L; Kelly A; Vielbig L; Sullivan JE

    "Mi Trial Es Su Trial": A Comprehensive; Interdisciplinary Approach to Overcome a Spanish Language Barrier for Inclusion in a Multi-Site; Behavioral; Randomized Controlled Rehabilitation Trial

    Presenters: Gallardo O; Nelsen M; Lane C; Lewthwaite R; Wagenheim B; Winstein CJ

    Effects of the Application of a Weighted Gait Belt on Gait Parameters in Individuals With Hemiparesis Following a Stroke: A Pilot Study

    Presenters: Ghosh P; Goeke K; Schmitt B; Bertrand A; Bouton C; Buelow A

    Differences in Motor Coordination Among Adults Post Stoke With or Without Sensory Loss

    Presenters: Gutman K; Donoso Brown E; Moritz C; Rios D; Gilbertson T; Miller KE; Price R; McCoy SW

    Association Between Performance in Clinical Balance Measures Requiring Reactive Versus Voluntary Stepping in Community-Dwelling Individuals Post Stroke

    Presenters: Hedman LD; Jeewek N; Lazzaro J; Olyva K; Sekanic S; Story A; Varchetto K; Martinez K

    A Liangong-based Exercise Program Helps Improve Balance in 5 Subjects Living With Chronic Effects of Stroke: A Case Series

    Presenters: Kaufman R; Nowakowski KA; Roberts DE

    Skin-related Adverse Events During Robotic-assisted Locomotor Training

    Presenters: Kelley CP; Childress J; Noser EA

    Does 1 Session of Gait Rehabilitation Improve Poststroke Walking Performance?

    Presenters: Kesar TM; Reisman D; Binder-Macleod SA

    Functional Electrical Stimulation Increases Tibialis Anterior Muscle Activity for Patients With Neurological Injury

    Presenters: Lairamore C

    Changes in Cardiopulmonary Efficiency and Gait Economy Following 8 Weeks of High-Intensity Locomotor Speed and Skill Training in Individuals Post Stroke

    Presenters: Leddy AL; Leech KA; Matsubara J; Pasquinell K; Holleran C; Hornby G

    Improvements in Stance Time Asymmetry From Step-by-Step Proprioceptive Feedback Transfers to Overground Gait

    Presenters: Lewek MD; Rascoe K; Feasel J

    Learning by Losing balance: Improvement With a Step-Up Task in Stroke Survivors

    Presenters: Lopez-Rosado R; Duffey SR; Akingbade I; Korda N; Brown D

    Home-based Robot-assisted Rehabilitation for the Ankle in a Chronic Stroke Survivor

    Presenters: Lynskey J; Jarzabek A; Hall Z; Wing K; Bosch PR

    Effects of an Intense Week-long Exercise Program in Chronic CVA: A Case Series

    Presenters: Mercuris KL; Frandsen MM

    Evidence of Neural Coupling Among Muscles of the Paretic Upper Extremity in Chronic Hemiparetic Stroke

    Presenters: Miller LC; McGill K; Dewald JP

    Examination Measures Chosen by Expert Physical Therapists to Assess the Same Patient With Chronic Stroke

    Presenters: Mowder-Tinney J; Butler K; Koenig C; Tierney E

    Treatment Techniques Chosen by Expert Physical Therapists Based on the Evaluation of the Same Patient With Chronic Stroke

    Presenters: Mowder-Tinney J; Kelleher K; Poirier J

    Comparison of Intense; Gait-Oriented Exercise Incorporating Principles of Motor Learning to Conventional Therapy on Gait Speed in Patients With Chronic Stroke: A Pilot Study

    Presenters: Mowder-Tinney J; Brown J; Minkel L; Bergin T; Murphy T

    Robot-assisted Rehabilitation for the Ankle in Chronic Stroke Survivors

    Presenters: Odegaard J; Aboulhosn F; Dougherty S; Ahmed A; Monterrey S; Sullivan T; Wing K; Bosch PR; Lynskey J

    Effects of an Advanced Ground Reaction Ankle Foot Orthosis Compared to a Traditional Articulated Ankle Foot Orthosis on Walking in a Patient With Chronic Stroke

    Presenters: Olivier GN; Seale J; Hale J; Jennings J; DiBello T

    Spatiotemporal Gait Asymmetry; Walking Efficiency; and Speed After Stroke

    Presenters: Palmer JA; Binder-Macleod SA; Wright T; Reisman D

    Determining Measurement Error and Minimum Detectable Change in 2 Balance Outcome Measures for Patients With Stroke

    Presenters: Pardo V; Genoff D; Humes A; Boguslawski E; Goldberg A

    The Influence of Postural Core Activation Training on Gait and Balance in Patients Post Stroke: A Case Series

    Presenters: Pardo V; Kudla J; Nawrocki J; Weber K; Goldberg A

    Response of Non-paretic Leg to Locomotor Training Post Stroke

    Presenters: Raja B; Neptune RR; Behrman A; Bowden M; Kautz SA

    Kinematic Changes in Reaching; Swinging; and Punching Following ENGAGE Videogaming in an Individual With Chronic Stroke

    Presenters: Reinthal A; Cupp A; Kelly P

    Using the Physical Activity Scale for Individuals With Physical Disability in Individuals With Chronic Stroke

    Presenters: Ressler P; Danks K; Roos M; Ciampa J; Reisman D

    The Effect of Peripheral Electrical Stimulation on Reaction Time and Cortical Excitability

    Presenters: Roughton A; Argetsinger L; Lairamore C; Huitt T

    Hip Flexor Fatigue Following Submaximal Concentric Contractions and Walking Function Post Stroke

    Presenters: Rybar M; Kuhnen H; Walker E; Ouellette D; Dillon L; Patel M; Hunter S; Schmit BD; Hyngstrom A

    Description of Functional Outcomes Following a Short; Intensive Neurologic Clinic in Rural Jamaica

    Presenters: Sawyer KL; Riley B; von Nieda K; Miller AH

    Exploring Individual Dose-Response Relationships Between Task-Specific Movement and Functional Recovery of the Upper Extremity After Stroke: A Secondary Analysis

    Presenters: Seelbach JM; Birkenmeier RL; Lang CE

    The Efficacy of Functional; Task-Oriented Treatment for Gait Deficits in Individuals Following Stroke: A Systematic Review

    Presenters: Short E; Fountain A; Stegall PW; Barnes LJ; Curbow-Wilcox K; McRae R

    Evaluating Postural Instability in Adults With Stroke After Training With Plantar Surface Vibration

    Presenters: Slaboda JC; Keshner EA

    A Hippotherapy Simulator Is Effective to Shift Weight-Bearing Toward the Affected Side During Gait in Hemiplegic Patients After Stroke

    Presenters: Sung Y; Kim C; Park J; Yu B

    Assessment and Treatment of a Patient With Concurrent Gait Apraxia and Right Hemiplegia

    Presenters: Szirony KB

    Rehabilitation of the Upper Limb Post Stroke: MRI Results of a Randomized Controlled Pilot Study

    Presenters: Thielman GT; Bandyopadhyay A; Mohamed F

    Current Physical Therapy Approaches for Stroke Rehabilitation in Inpatient Settings in Florida: A Survey

    Presenters: van Duijn AJ; Venglar M; Barbee K; Fioravante C

    Optimization of Lower-Extremity Kinetics During Transfers Using a Wearable; Portable; Robotic Lower-Extremity Orthosis: A Case Study

    Presenters: Vose JG; McCarthy A; Tacdol E; Horst RW

    Cluster Analysis of Upper-Extremity Fugl-Meyer Assessment Defines Levels of Motor Impairment Severity

    Presenters: Woytowicz E; Rietschel J; Goodman R; Whitall J; McCombe-Waller S

    Cortico-Muscular Connectivity for Single and 2 Degree-of-Freedom Tasks

    Presenters: Yao J; Carmona C; Anderson L; Larson K; Sharkey R; Wolfe I; Dewald JP

    Vestibular Special Interest Group (SIG) 

    Exploring the Relationship Among Balance; Fear of Falling; and Falls in Individuals With Acoustic Neuroma: A Pilot Study

    Presenters: Barry JG; Loos K; Ward P; Charlton T

    Measurement Properties of the Dizziness Handicap Inventory

    Presenters: Clendaniel R; Goode A

    Pediatric Vestibulopathy Screening in an Outpatient Rehabilitation Setting

    Presenters: Dannenbaum E; Lora S; Lamontagne A; Fung J

    Variables Associated With Outcome in Patients With Bilateral Vestibular Hypofunction: A Preliminary Study

    Presenters: Herdman SJ; Hall C; Delaune W; Ebert M; Ferris JL; Knight SS; Maloney B

    Effectiveness of Physical Therapy Intervention in Patients With Degenerative Cerebellar Ataxia

    Presenters: Heusel-Gillig L; Hall C

    Test–Retest Reliability and Responsiveness of Gaze Stability and Dynamic Visual Acuity in High School and College Football Players

    Presenters: Kaufman DR; Puckett MJ; Smith MJ; Landers MR

    The Effectiveness of Current Interventions in the Management of Lateral Canal Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo: A Systematic Review

    Presenters: Kinne B; Strace C; Crouch N

    Anterior Canal Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Treatment Techniques: A Systematic Review

    Presenters: Kinne B; Crouch N; Strace C

    Investigation Into an Exercise Program for Unilateral Labyrinthine Dysfunction

    Presenters: Mancuso K; Clark EM; Mowder-Tinney J

    Mal De Debarquement Case Series: Treatment and Outcomes

    Presenters: Oxborough S; Olson S

    Ability of Clinical Balance; Gait; and Functional Mobility Measures to Predict Videonystagmography in Individuals With Complaints Of Dizziness and Imbalance

    Presenters: Rice TA; Mancinelli C; Utzman RR; Davis DS; Swisher AK

    Physical Therapy Intervention in the Management of Mal de Debarquement

    Presenters: Struiksma D; Harrison J

    Comprehensive Treatment of a 77-Year-Old Female Diagnosed With Chronic Subjective Dizziness

    Presenters: Thompson KJ

    Thursday, January 24

    Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

    Brain Injury Special Interest Group (SIG) 

    Recovery After Severe Brain Injury: Theories of Common Neural Mechanisms Underlying Consciousness; Posture; Locomotion; and Breathing

    Presenters: Day KV; Sawaki L

    Physical Therapy Management of an Individual With Right Occipital Condyle Avulsion-Dislocation Fracture and Medullary Compression Resulting in Severe Hemi-Ataxia and Tetraparesis

    Presenters: Elliott J; Langer C; Kriekels W

    Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Brain Activity and Cognition following Traumatic Brain Injury

    Presenters: Feeney K; Femrite R; Gates S; Lojovich J; Carey J

    Accuracy of Body-Worn Sensors in Detecting Walking Activity

    Presenters: Fulk GD; Danks K; Nirider C; Reisman D

    Balance Performance Among Intercollegiate Football Players and the Relationship to Performance on a Neurocognitive Test

    Presenters: Leahy TE; Blackinton M; Livingston SC; Cheng M

    NeuroGame Therapy for Upper-Extremity Function in Adults With Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury

    Presenters: Miller KE; Donoso Brown E; Westcott McCoy S; Gilbertson T; Price R; Gutman K; Moritz C

    Helping College Students With Mild TBI: Issues for PTs in Clinical Care and Academia

    Presenters: O'Shea R; Washington R; Sweeney R

    Case Report: A Description of the Clinical Decision-Making Process for an Individual Following a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury With Traumatic Amputation

    Presenters: Sibley N; Ricci J

    The Role of the Physical Therapist in the Management of Youth Athletes Whom Have Sustained a Concussion

    Presenters: Yorke AM

    The Effects of Multi-Sensory and Cognitive-Behavior Stimulation in the Minimally Conscious State

    Presenters: Zapanta J; Graham P

    Degenerative Disk Disease Special Interest Group (SIG) 

    The Impact of a Physical Therapy Program on the Activity Limitations and Participation Restrictions of a 32-Year-Old Female With Allgrove Syndrome

    Presenters: Adams J

    The Effects of Massed or Distributed Practice Treadmill Training on Gait Parameters; Balance; and Motor Function in Individuals With Parkinson Disease

    Presenters: Barnes CL; Tschoepe B; Smith MB; Mulligan N; Hawkins R; Hulke E; Main D; Marshall A; Murray A; Zapanta J

    The Effect of Progressive Resistance Exercise on Perceived Fatigue in Persons With Multiple Sclerosis

    Presenters: Cohen ET; Caputo N; Luddy V; Rekhi R; Therlonge J; Weiss K

    Mechanical Assist Sit-to-Stand Training in a Person With Parkinson Disease

    Presenters: Fisher K; Boyne P; Reuter M; Dunning K

    The Effects of External Cueing as a Strategy to Improve Balance and Gait in the Rehabilitation of Patients With Parkinson Disease: A Systematic Review

    Presenters: Gildea M; Gregowicz C; Liccione T; Schrecengost N; Hakim RM

    Patient RS: A Unique Case of Corticobasal Degeneration

    Presenters: Hershberg JA; Winstein CJ; Howard R; Cahoon K; Levonian L; Heung S; Lin J; Schmidt R

    Relationship Between Core Muscle Strength; Pulmonary Function; Balance; and Physical Performance in Persons With Multiple Sclerosis

    Presenters: Huang M; Rodda B; Fry DK

    Timed Finger-to-Nose Performance Correlates With the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis-Functional Rating Scale Score

    Presenters: Lanzino D; Ohm KJ; Reed K; Schmitz S; Subich H; Hollman JH

    Physical Therapist Considerations in the Treatment of People With Young-Onset Parkinson Disease

    Presenters: Lehman DA; Cox B; Grindol A; Vu J

    Functional Outcomes After a Combined Intervention of Unilateral and Bilateral Lower-Extremity Exercise in a Person With Multiple Sclerosis: A Case Report

    Presenters: McCormick M; Freund J

    The Diagnostic Accuracy of the BESTest to Assess Balance in Persons With Multiple Sclerosis

    Presenters: Mitchell KD; Tabby D; Beuti A; Eberhardt K; Chen H

    Effect of Treadmill Training Versus Conventional Physical Therapy on Gait in People With Parkinson Disease: A Systematic Review of the Literature

    Presenters: Mount J; DeLaurentis R; Edger T; Henninger M; Kozitzky B; Whitley M; Hunter L

    A Tandem Biking Program for Individuals With Parkinson Disease

    Presenters: Nelson M; Park G; Love L; Robinson C; McGough EL

    Using the Bioness L300 Foot Drop System to Determine Changes in Gait Speed and Physiological Cost Index in a Person With Multiple Sclerosis: A Case Study

    Presenters: O'Neal S

    The Use of a Gaming Device for Multimodal Exercise Intervention in Individuals With Parkinson Disease

    Presenters: Pradhan SD; Moritz C

    Test–Retest Reliability of Core Muscle Strength Tests and Maximum Step Length Test in Persons With Multiple Sclerosis

    Presenters: Rodda B; Huang M; Fry DK; Pfalzer C; Engman D

    Isokinetic Knee Torque in Early and Advanced Stages of Parkinson Disease: Relation to Physical Function

    Presenters: Singh G; Sharma N; Pahwa R; Lyons KE

    Effects of "Think Big" Verbal Cuing on the Modulation of Postural Responses and Cortical Preparatory Activity in Individuals With Parkinson Disease

    Presenters: Smith BA; Jacobs JV; Horak FB

    Cannabinoid Pharmacology for Physical Therapists Stockert B

    A Novel Intervention in a Patient With Advanced Multiple Sclerosis and Severe Disability

    Presenters: Volkman KG; Corr BB; Harbourne R; Kurz M

    Relationships Between Ankle Spasticity and Strength; Walking Capacity; and Self-Perceived Walking Limitations in Ambulant Persons With Multiple Sclerosis

    Presenters: Wagner JM; Kremer TR


    The Use of EMG Biofeedback as a Treatment for Facial Paralysis Secondary to Bell's Palsy

    Presenters: Allamby M; Cherry D; Gao X; Paolantonio E; Trosch L; Lee SC

    Increased Duration and Intensity of Gait and Balance Training in a Young Woman With Chronic Gait Ataxia: A Case Study

    Presenters: Burgess M; Orozco J; Blank J; Bour B; Miller G; Thigpen MT

    Trunk and Lower-Extremity Muscle Activation in Children in 6 Therapeutic Positions on Horseback

    Presenters: Encheff J; Fickert L; Vondenhueval A; Wheeler J; Webb B; Zellner B

    A Systematic Framework to Guide Clinical Decision-Making in Gaming Choices for Therapeutic Use

    Presenters: Espy DD; Reinthal A; Dal Bello-Haas V

    Implementation of the Barry-Albright Dystonia Scale in a Long-Term Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled

    Presenters: First V; Deprey SM

    Comparison of Lower-Extremity Kinematic Patterns in Individuals With Parkinson Disease During Stationary Upright and Semi-Reclined Cycling

    Presenters: Gallagher R; Gade V; Werner WG; Deutsch J

    Side-to-Side Differences in Lower-Extremity Muscle Strength and Activation in Parkinson Disease

    Presenters: Hoke E; Thomas AC; Kluger B; Schenkman M; Stevens-Lapsley J

    Partnering to Enhance Feasibility and Success of a Residency Program

    Presenters: Keenan G; Ciampa J

    Relationship of Mobility; Balance Confidence; and Depression With Falls Among Survivors of Polio

    Presenters: Kelley CP; Housinger E

    Coordinating and Assisting the Reuse of Assistive Technology

    Presenters: Kitzman P; Weber C; Sharon D

    Use of Cognitive Behavior Principles of Pain Management in a Patient With Allodynia After Heavy Metal Exposure

    Presenters: Lonnemann E; Almgren C

    Comparing Cortical Excitability in Focal Dystonia Using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

    Presenters: Moore M

    Clinical Presentation of Sjögre Syndrome: A Case Study

    Presenters: Zimmerman R; Swank C

    The Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Executive Function in Individuals With Parkinson Disease: A Case Series

    Presenters: Tabak R; Aquije G; Fisher B

    Movement Strategies and Motor Control in the Sit-to-Stand Task in Indivdiuals With Parkinson Disease

    Presenters: Tomlinson J; Evans S; Smith M; VanArsdale L; Eastlack M; Craik R

    Neurology: Practice Issues 

    Changes in Functional Mobility Outcomes of Individuals Receiving a New Seating/Mobility Device

    Presenters: Powers PJ; Brown RM; Fly V; Law M; Lindsley S; Little LL; Tomlinson S

    Clinical Education in Seating and Mobility: Designing and Implementing a Specialty Affiliation

    Presenters: Powers PJ; Brown RM; Hackett JE

    Development of a Clinical Reasoning and Reflection Framework for Mentorship Within a Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency Program

    Presenters: de Joya AL; Fishman H

    Supporting Evidence-based Behavior Change in Neurologic Physical Therapists: A Case Report

    Presenters: Perry S; Zeleznik H; Breisinger T

    Novel Model of Care for the Individual With Multiple Sclerosis: Physical Therapists in the Neurology Office

    Presenters: Danni A; Tremblay SM

    Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Special Interest Group (SIG) 

    Investigation of a Non-surgical Option to Correct Neuromuscular Scoliosis in an Adult Quadriplegic: A Case Review

    Presenters: Baniewich C; Dickson J; Levine C; McLennan L; Hastings J

    Use of a Clinical Practice Guideline and Robotics for Locomotor Training of a Patient With Chronic Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury: A Case Report

    Presenters: Crawford A; Banta M; Chan A; Crump Z; Devers AM; Olejer MS; Vaught J; Wilks M

    Cardiovascular Outcomes During Functional Electrical Stimulation Ergometry After Complete Cervical and Upper-Thoracic Spinal Cord Injury

    Presenters: Day BE; Simpson DJ

    Monitoring Neurological and Functional Recovery During Robot-Assisted Gait Training in Spinal Cord Injury

    Presenters: Galen S; Clarke C; Allan D; Conway B

    Seating for Persons With Tetraplegia as a Life-Saving Measure: A Case Report

    Presenters: Incantalupo VM; Collins CK

    Multi-Center Survey of Rehabilitation Protocols After Tendon Transfer to Restore Pinch in Tetraplegia

    Presenters: Johanson M; Jaramillo J; Murray WM; Hentz VR

    Supramaximal Torque Production During Repeated Dynamic Contractions in Individuals With Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

    Presenters: Kim HE; Thompson CK; Hornby G

    Gait Training for a C4 Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury Patient Using a High-Intensity Training Program: A Case Study

    Presenters: Kliver E; Cornbleet SL

    Effects of Serotonergic Agents on Locomotor Performance in Individuals With Motor Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

    Presenters: Leech KA; Thompson CK; Kinnaird C; Hornby G

    The Influence of Aquatic Therapy in Combination With Activity-based Restorative Therapies (ABRT) on Gait Efficiency and Balance in an Adult With Chronic Spinal Cord Injury (SCI): A Case Report

    Presenters: Mertins R; Martin R; Becker D; Sadowsky C; McDonald J

    Comparison of Forward Versus Backward Walking Using Body-Weight–Supported Treadmill Training in an Individual With Spinal Cord Injury: A Single-Subject Design

    Presenters: Moriello G; Pathare N; Cirone C; Pastore D; Shears D; Sulehri S

    Use of a Walking Recovery Clinical Practice Guideline to Guide Clinical Decision Making for the Rehabilitation of a Patient With an Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury: A Case Report

    Presenters: Olejer MS; Banta M; Chan A; Crawford A; Crump Z; Devers AM; Vaught J; Wilks M

    Soleus H-Reflex Modulation After Motor Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury: Effects of Locomotor Training

    Presenters: Phadke CP; Nair P; Madhavan S; Bowden M; Thompson F; Behrman A

    Somatosensory and Functional Changes Following Robotic Training of the Upper Limb in an Individual With Chronic; Complete Tetraplegia: A Case Study

    Presenters: Riley C; Backus D

    Impact of Somatosensory Augmentation and Repeated Movement Training on the Upper Limb: A Case Study

    Presenters: Riley C; Backus D

    Does Early Orthotic Management Delay Motor Learning and Walking Recovery in an Individual With an Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury?

    Presenters: Szot L; Martin L

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