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    Tuesday, January 22

    Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

    Spinal Cord Injury Pain Is Associated With Abnormal Growth of Sensory Neurons

    Presenters: Bareiss SK; Gwaltney M; Korleski A; Brewer KL

    The Influence of an Artificial Turf Overlay on Ground Reaction Forces During Overground Running and Cutting

    Presenters: Barrios JA; Brahler C; Cornell A; Steinmetz E; Wimberly C

    Axis of Visual Field Rotation and Order of Presentation Differentially Affect Postural Responses in a Virtual Environment

    Presenters: Buddharaju R; Grace Georgelos E; Lanaria Day L; Keshner EA

    A Qualitative Needs Assessment for Interventions to Prevent and Manage Exposure to Workplace Violence in Physical Therapy Practice

    Presenters: Chang C; Golubovich J; Mak S; Eatough E; Rockefeller K

    Locomotion and Skilled Locomotion in Typically Developing 5- and 6-Year-Old Children. I: Tandem Walk

    Presenters: Chau C; D'Angelo A; Guedes E; Hoffman E; Sirtoli R

    Depression Screening Patterns in Physical Therapy

    Presenters: Colgrove Y; Kanter L; Sample E; Hurst-Sneh S; Pollock R

    Comparison of Rehabilitation Outcomes in Individuals With Acquired Brain Injury Before and After Implementation of a Clinical Practice Guideline Using Advanced Technology for Walking Recovery

    Presenters: Devers AM; Crump Z; Banta M; Chan A; Wilks M; Crawford A; Olejer MS; Pidcoe P; Vaught J

    Intramuscular Temperature Increases With Whole-Body Vibration

    Presenters: Feland JB; Johnson A; Crossley K; Nakachi E; Eggett D

    Reliability and Minimal Detectable Change of 3D-Reaching Assessment in Individuals With Impairment From Chronic Stroke

    Presenters: Finley M; Combs SA

    Assessing Fall Risk Using Clinical Balance Measures in Individuals With Lower-Extremity Amputations

    Presenters: Frey C; Spadoni K; Hakim RM; Meyer K

    Validity and Reliability of a Multi-segmental Lumbar Spine Model Using a 3D Motion Analysis System

    Presenters: Gombatto S; Ellis MD; Joyce C; Linske G; Muehlenkamp P

    Cardiovascular Responses Following Different Types of Breathing Exercises

    Presenters: Huang M; Weber M; Gu J; Liu H; Greenwald N

    Exercise Increases Soluble Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor-1 (Sflt-1) in Circulation of Adult Females

    Presenters: Makey K; Patterson S; Robison J; Loftin M; Miele L; Chinchar E; Huang M; Smith A; Weber M; Gu J

    Does Electromyographic Analysis of Muscle Activity Support the Use of the Speed Test?

    Presenters: Kotowski S; Talbott N; Witt D; Mulligan L

    The Serratus Anterior and Subscapularis: An Analysis of Angles and Attachments

    Presenters: Talbott N; Witt D; Mehling L; Heinbaugh B

    Determining the Efficacy of Zoledronic Acid on the Retention of Bone Mineral Density During the First Year of Spinal Cord Injury

    Presenters: La Fountaine MF; Leninger K; Gilbert GG; Dupree MS; Cano K; Cirnigliaro CM; Bauman WA

    The Role of Compliant Surfaces in Somatosensory Evaluation and Rehabilitation

    Presenters: Lubetzky-Vilnai A; McCoy SW; Price R; Kartin D

    The Effect of Pelvic Constraint on Joint Movements of the Thoracic and Lumbar Spine During Reaching Tasks

    Presenters: Mace SJ; Becker JT; Stidd BJ; Guiden TA; Horstman AM; Thomas JS

    Reliance on Sensory Information for Balance and Postural Sway Response in Children Ages 6–12

    Presenters: Maher C; Kruk IM; Manzo J; Poposki M; Rementilla J

    Electromyography of the Upper Extremity During Video Gaming of Individuals With Tetraplegia

    Presenters: Jaramillo J; Johanson M; Dairaghi C; Kiratli J

    Locomotor Muscle Mass and Co-morbid Conditions Do Not Explain the Low Level of Physical Function in Dialysis Patients

    Presenters: Marcus RL; Ikizler T; Painter P; Beddhu S; Greene T; Morrell G; Wei G; Filipowicz R; LaStayo PC

    Effect of Topical Anesthesia on Cutaneous End-Organ Responses

    Presenters: Metzler-Wilson K; Ossim MA; Warga B; Shady J; Michael R; Wilson TE

    Associations Between Trait Anxiety; Perceived Stress; and Habitual Muscle Activity in the Workplace

    Presenters: Molner J; Balter J; Stark R; Knowles K; Friedley D; Coleman B; Anton D; Maluf KS

    The Relationship of Changes in Voluntary Quadriceps Activation to Changes in Knee Flexion During Gait

    Presenters: Murray AM; Lepley AS; Bahhur N; Armstrong CW; Pietrosimone BG

    Does Subcutaneous Adipose Affect Intramuscular Heating and Cooling by Ultrasound?

    Presenters: Myrer JW; Johnson AW; Mortensen BB; Platt TJ; Petersen JJ; Fellingham GW

    Effect of Asymmetry in Walking on Mechanical Measures of Energy Cost in Healthy Individuals

    Presenters: Nair P; Cabell L; Lesiczka K; Dragonette A; Opoku-Nsiah K

    Practice Patterns of US Guild-certified Feldenkrais Teachers®: Physical Therapists Compared to Other Groups

    Presenters: Nelsen N; Geletta S; Buchanan PA

    Changes in Function; Balance Confidence; and Movement Patterns in Participants After Hip Fracture

    Presenters: Pautz C; Houck J; Tome J; Kates S; Hilton TN

    Reporting in Evidence-based Practice Educational Interventions: A Systematic Review

    Presenters: Phillips AC; Lewis LK; McEvoy MP; Galipeau J; Glasziou P; Hammick M; Moher D; Tilson JK; Williams MT

    Muscle Activation During Frontal and Sagittal Plane Movement: Differences Between Patients With LBP and Matched Controls

    Presenters: Poupore K; Dehmer K; Ingvalson SI; Piatte A; Alexander S; Gallant P; McClenahan B; Davis AM; Nelson-Wong E

    Developing Comprehensive and Focused Searches for Systematic Reviews

    Presenters: Richter RR; Austin TM; Krieger MM; Reinking MF

    The Quality of Reporting of Abstracts in Core Journals of Physical Therapy

    Presenters: Sebelski CA; Richter RR; Austin TM

    Concurrent Validity Between 2D and 3D Motion Systems for the Evaluation of Dynamic Knee Valgus During a Drop Jump Task

    Presenters: Rodriguez A; Figueroa CN; Seda AH; Rosario MG; Ortiz A

    Relationship Between Lesion Location and Motor Performance in Chronic Stroke Survivors Using Voxel-based Lesion Symptom Mapping (VLSM)

    Presenters: Shibuya K; Burke E; McKenzie AL; Der-Yeghiaian L; See J; Cramer SC

    Balance Issues During Common Rehabilitation Exercises in Obese Individuals

    Presenters: Singh B; Yack H; Winegard M; Hwan A; Goltz T

    Posterior Trunk Muscle Size and Activity in the Presence of Low Back Pain and Age-related Changes

    Presenters: Sions JM; Hicks GE

    Effects of Backpack Carrying Styles on Gait on College-Aged Male Students

    Presenters: Stiskal D; Bradfield B; Grembowiec M; Macphee C; Silletti M; Cabell L

    Quantifying Gait Parameters of Healthy Young Adults Performing the 4-Item Dynamic Gait Index

    Presenters: Stiskal D; Toczylowski N; Sexton K; Duff J

    Comparing the Interventional Effects of Stand-Retraining Therapy and Body-Weight­–Supported Treadmill Training on Bone Mineral Density in Individuals With Spinal Cord Injury

    Presenters: La Fountaine MF; Kennedy EM; Sedereas C; Maus A; Horowitz N; Cirnigliaro CM; Bauman WA; Forrest G

    The Influence of Trunk Posture on Hip and Knee Moments During Overground Running

    Presenters: Teng HS; Powers CM

    A New Simple Approach to Rating Articles Using a Single Combined Internal Validity Score (CIVS)

    Presenters: van Hemert L; Selby-Silverstein L

    The Differences in Functional Ambulation and Disability of Individuals With Multiple Sclerosis Taking or Not Taking Fampridine: A Pilot Study

    Presenters: Vore M; Carollo A; Fall N; Marcantonio E; Whitney S

    Analysis of Crutch and Weightbearing Steps From Actigraph GT3X+ Activity Monitor Signals

    Presenters: Williams GN; Cobian DG

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