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    Tuesday, January 22

    Ultimate Frisbee Injuries Among Club Sports in a Collegiate Setting

    Presenters: Akinbola M; Snyder-Mackler L

    Case Report: Treatment of Distal Iliotibial Band Syndrome in a Long-Distance Runner With Gait Retraining Emphasizing Step-Rate Manipulation

    Presenters: Allen DJ

    Development of a Physical Performance Assessment Instrument (PPAI) for Patients Who Sustained a Lower-Extremity Injury in Preparation for Return to Sport: A Delphi Study

    Presenters: Baker T; Haines S; Donaldson M

    Hypermobility and Dynamic Balance in Junior Soccer Players From Spain

    Presenters: Butler RJ; Salinas V; Queen RM; Garrett WE; Plisky PJ

    Effect of Cutting Angle and Sex on Knee Valgus Moment

    Presenters: Cesar GM; Havens K; Bogdanoff S; Powers CM; Pollard C; Sigward SM

    Comparison of the Proprioceptive and Motion Reduction Effects of Shoulder Braces in Individuals With a History of Anterior Shoulder Dislocation

    Presenters: Cieminski CJ; Boldt E; Burg M; Jackson L; Prokop L

    Surgical Intervention and Rehabilitation Following a Multi-ligament Knee Injury in a Professional Alpine Ski Racer

    Presenters: Cimino DJ

    Closed Kinetic Chain Testing of Lower-Extremity Strength and Power

    Presenters: Cobian DG; Williams GN

    Lower-Extremity Power and Knee Extensor Torque Development Early After Knee Arthroscopy: A Case Study

    Presenters: Cobian DG; Williams GN

    Physical and Psychological Variables Associated With Return to Sport Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Systematic Review

    Presenters: Czuppon S; Racette BA; Klein SE; Harris-Hayes M

    Spine Biomechanics Associated With Carrying a Golf Bag

    Presenters: Dale R; Case J; Tucker C

    Effects of Footstrike on Low-Back Posture; Shock Attenuation; and Comfort

    Presenters: Delgado TL; Kubera-Shelton E; Robb RR; Hickman R; Dufek JS; Wallmann HW

    The Influence of Neighborhood Walkability on Physical Activity Level and Perceived Health Status

    Presenters: Felder RB

    Alteration of Running Mechanics in a Female Distance Runner With a Clinical Diagnosis of Deep Posterior Exertional Compartment Syndrome: A Case Study

    Presenters: Greenberg E; Greenberg S

    Graded Talocrural Joint Mobilization Does Not Alter Lower-Extremity Spinal Reflex Excitability in Individuals With Chronic Ankle Instability

    Presenters: Grindstaff TL; Morton SK; Dolan N; Mischke J; Meyer K; Pietrosimone BG

    Manual Physical Therapy and Exercise in a Patient With a Confirmed Acetabular Labral Tear

    Presenters: Haberl MD; Reuteman PF; Rodeghero J

    Association of Psychosocial Factors and Knee Pain With Knee Function From Pre to Post Meniscectomy

    Presenters: Hsieh C; Moser MW; George SZ; Chmielewski T

    The Influence of Hip Isometric and Isokinetic Strength on Postural Stability Assessed Using the Balance Error Scoring System

    Presenters: Hugentobler JA; Roewer BD; Quatman-Yates C; Brent J; Myer GD; Hewett TE

    Weight-Bearing Asymmetries as a Predictor of Lower-Extremity Injury in Collegiate Football Players

    Presenters: Jones D; Francis D; Tillman SM; Pass AN; Hernandez JA; Chmielewski TL

    Return-to-Sport Criteria Does Not Moderate the Relationship Between Patient-reported Knee Function and Return to Previous Activity Level

    Presenters: Logerstedt D; Lynch AD; Snyder-Mackler L

    Clinical Predictors of the Ability to Activate the Knee Extensors

    Presenters: Miller J; Garrido A; Farthing A; Despres L; Warren G; Morelli K; Garcia J; Lewis JE; Donnelly JM

    Immediate Effects of Lumbo-pelvic Manipulation Versus Lateral Gluteal Kinesio® Taping Versus Control Taping on Active Individuals With Unilateral Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

    Presenters:  Miller JM; Westrick RB; Diebal A; Gerber P

    Posterior Shoulder Tightness Without Concomitant GIRD Increases Injury Risk in High School Baseball Pitchers

    Presenters: Mullaney M; Tyler TF; Mirabella M; McHugh M; Nicholas S

    Exercise Intensity and Transabdominal Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging of Pelvic Floor Excursion in Young; Nulliparous; Athletic Female

    Presenters: Nelson PR; Miller EM

    Analysis of Neuropsychological Baseline Tests in Private; College Preparatory; High School Athletes

    Presenters: Pabian P; Greeno E; Keirn C; Williams R

    A Comparison of Joint Kinetics and Kinematics Between Trained Runners and Untrained Runners

    Presenters: Pence K; Nicholson L; Noehren B

    The Influence of Hip and Core Endurance on Postural Stability Assessed Using the Balance Error Scoring System

    Presenters: Quatman-Yates C; Hugentobler J; Thomas SM; Barber Foss K; Myer GD

    Calcaneal Stress Fracture in a Competitive Runner After Incorporating Minimalist Footwear

    Presenters: Reuteman PF; Kernozek T; Durall C; Meardon SA

    Correlation and Limits of Agreement Between Manual and Digital Scanning Techniques for the Measurement of Foot Shape

    Presenters: Sander TC; Moore JH; Cavanagh PR; Prye JC; Winterroth SW; Thomasma EJ; Hurst MR; Dummar AR; Teyhen DS

    Relationship Between Upper-Quarter Function and Golf Kinematics

    Presenters: Shutt JM; Queen RM; Kiesel K; Plisky P; Rose G; Butler RJ

    Vertical Force in Jump-Landing Is Influenced by Different Factors in Athletes With and Without ACL Reconstruction

    Presenters: Solis FM; van den Boogaard J; Dominguez J; Conrad B; Tillman SM; Chmielewski T

    Knee Deficits Are Associated With Higher Landing Error Scoring System (LESS) Scores in Athletes Who Have Returned to Sport Following Primary Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

    Presenters: Stanley LE; Backs J; Beasley K; Shanley E; Padua D; Thigpen CA

    Case Report of an Adolescent Fast-Pitch Softball Pitcher With a Humeral Fracture Rehabilitation and Return to Sport Using Evidence and Video Analysis of Pitching Mechanics

    Presenters: Starkey A

    Is the Retro-Step Test a Sensitive Measure of Functional Strength Deficits in Patients With ACL Reconstruction?

    Presenters: Swanson KJ; Myhre S; Petit M

    Reduced Hip Strength is Associated With Increased Hip Motion During Running in Young Adult and Adolescent Long-Distance Runners

    Presenters: Taylor-Haas JA; Hugentobler JA; DiCesare CA; Hickey KC; Myer GD; Ford KR

    Odds of Being Recommended for Surgery Following Physical Therapy With a Superior Labral Lesion

    Presenters: Uhl TL; Moore S; Sciascia AD; Kibler WB

    The Effects of Running Cadence Manipulation on Plantar Loading

    Presenters: Wellenkotter JP; Meardon SA; Kernozek T; Suchomel T

    Effect of Static Hamstring Length on Sagittal Plane Mechanics in Male and Female Runners

    Presenters: Williams D; Welch L

    Individual Lower-Extremity Joint Contributions During Acceleration; Deceleration; and Steady-State Runs

    Presenters: Williams D; Ratcliff O; Butler RJ; Cole J

    Effects of Resistance on Scapular Muscle Activity During Upper-Extremity Diagonal Patterns

    Presenters: Witt D; Talbott N; Kotowski S

    Changes in the Lower-Trapezius Muscle During Active Contraction: Is the Traditional Manual Muscle Testing Position Superior to a Prone Scapular Squeeze?

    Presenters: Witt D; Talbott N

    Effects of Knee-Bracing on the Production of Lower-Extremity Joint Moments During a Sprinting Task

    Presenters: Yaggie JA; Roberts EJ; Chilbert MK; Craig CI

    Effects of Local and Distant Interventions on Quadriceps Activation and Pain in Individuals With Patellofemoral Pain

    Presenters: Yokota S; Plutschack C; Morton SK; Meyer K; Mischke J; Grindstaff TL

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