Working Outside the United States

To work outside the US you will want to be sure you acquire all necessary documentation to live and work legally in the country you choose. The requirements of this process may include: a review of your educational credentials, taking a licensure examination, and/or taking a language proficiency examination.

Two good sources for learning about opportunities and what is required to work in physical therapy outside the US are the physiotherapy organization(s) in the country(s) where you wish to work and the US Embassy(s).

Through the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) you can access a listing of physiotherapy organizations around the world and other resources regarding physical therapy practice around the world. You can access a listing of US embassies through the US Department of State.

Another potential resource for overseas employment opportunities is the US Civil Service. Visit USAJobs, the official job site of the US Federal Government, to find out about possible overseas federal employment opportunities.

Those PTs and PTAs who are moving overseas due to the relocation of a spouse or significant other should check with their spouse's/significant other's company as it may offer information/assistance. For example, the various branches of the US Military often offer support to help military family members with employment, housing, and other needs prompted by a move.

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