Video Series: Collaborative Care: Innovative Clinical Practice Models

The health care environment has seen a massive overhaul in the past few years that presents many opportunities and challenges for physical therapists. Payment models are shifting focus from fee-for-service, and delivery models will look to become more integrated.

Some examples of the attempt to eliminate health care silos and integrate patient care under health reform are accountable care organizations (ACO), bundled payment models, and patient-centered medical homes (PCMH).

If you are a physical therapist in private practice, the decision to participate in these models is one that you will have to make after evaluating your professional and community needs. If you are employed by a health care organization that is considering launching one of these new models of care, you will be well served by considering ways to advocate for innovative and important roles for physical therapists in these new models of care. Regardless of your situation, APTA stands ready to provide you with the tools to navigate this new health care environment.

In an effort to prepare our members for health care integration, APTA has highlighted a few innovative clinical practice models in the videos below. Each illustrates ways physical therapists can play an important role in these new integrated, collaborative models of care. Each APTA member appearing in a video is part of a nontraditional, outside-the-box creative practice model. Our hope is that you gain insight and inspiration from these practice models as you embark on finding your place in an integrated health care delivery system.

Keep checking back for additional videos. 

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