Component Leadership

APTA consists of suborganizations called components as defined in the APTA Standard Rules. APTA components are chapters, sections, the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT), and the Student Assembly. Most components are separately incorporated nonprofit organizations governed by the Board of Directors. Components have committees and districts or special interest groups within their organizations as well as paid staff to manage the component.

Volunteers sit on the Boards of Directors, serve on committees, and lead districts or special interest groups. Most components have strategic plans to guide their activities and there are numerous opportunities for members to volunteer and get involved with activities that are of interest to you. Volunteering within a component is an excellent opportunity to increase your knowledge and experience, participate in the direction of the profession, and enhance your career. To learn of volunteer opportunities, visit chapter or section websites or contact the chapter or section executive office.

Resources for leaders are available in APTA Communities and on the Leadership Development webpage.

CSM 2016