Mental Health and Aging: The ART in Successful Aging

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Course Type: Online | PT 2011

Author(s): Keiba L. Shaw, PT, MPT, MA, EdD; Cliff Barnes, PhD

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CEU: 0.3 CEUs (3.0 contact hours)

Description: Successful aging involves optimizing both physical and mental function. This session will detail the effects of aging on the brain and neuroplasticity, and the relationship of these to physical therapy intervention effectiveness and mental health. Aging does not necessarily mean the development of mental health difficulties. While adults over 60 constitute 12% of the general population, they account for only 6% of the caseload of community mental health centers and 2% of the caseload of mental health private practice. However, older individuals are overrepresented in inpatient mental health populations. As health care professionals managing aging Baby Boomers, we must address physical health and help identify mental health issues that may be an impediment to successful aging.

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