Evidence into Practice: Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation of the Quadriceps Post Knee Surgery

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Presenter(s): Scott Stackhouse, PT, PhD

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Description: Quadriceps weakness is an impairment that is ubiquitous in the postsurgical knee. Strength in the quadriceps has been related to knee kinematics and kinetics and is frequently used as a progression criterion for post-ACL reconstruction rehabilitation. In people post total knee arthroplasty, strength loss and recovery is related to 6-minute walk distance and stair climbing performance. One issue common to both post-ACL reconstruction and TKA patients is the protracted time it takes for quadriceps force production to return to presurgical levels, if ever. This course discusses the use of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) in conjunction with traditional exercise to regain quadriceps strength, with emphasis on the post-ACL reconstruction and TKA patient.

Join Scott Stackhouse as he discusses the appropriate parameters to conduct NMES, expected strength and functional outcomes, mechanisms for the improvement in strength with NMES, and accommodations for the type of surgical procedure performed.

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