Education Leadership Institute (ELI) Fellowship Application

The Education Leadership Institute (ELI) Fellowship's competitive application process is based on a set of established criteria. Invitations will be extended to successful applicants in early February. 

Eligibility Requirements for Program Applicants

  • Emerging and novice physical therapist and physical therapist assistant academic administrators (0-7 years).
  • Current membership in APTA.
  • US licensure/registered/certified or licensure eligible (exception for PTAs in Hawaii and Colorado)

Application Process

For the Applicant

Completion of the Participant Applicant Form that includes:

  • Applicant demographic information 
  • Curriculum Vitae to include evidence of past leadership experiences
  • Statement of commitment to the Education Leadership Institute Fellowship program
  • Letter of intent addressing past leadership/management challenges and successes, future leadership goals, and anticipated contributions to the applicant's academic institution through a leadership project

Education Leadership Institute (ELI) Application (.doc)

For the Institution

Completion of the Nomination Form that includes:

  • Submission of the nomination form completed by the applicant's dean/administrator/supervisor.
  • Institution Statement of Commitment to support (tuition, fees, time, and other costs) the applicant during a yearlong program and in a leadership project that responds to a problem/issue/need with the applicant's academic institution.

Education Leadership Institute (ELI) Nomination Form (.doc)