Education Leadership Institute (ELI) Fellowship: Why Should I Consider an ELI Fellowship?

If you are considering an ABPTRFE credentialed yearlong fellowship program on higher education leadership targeted toward current and emerging physical therapist and physical therapist assistant program directors, that includes online curricular content provided by external experts with an ability to translate concepts in real-life through expert mentorship, then the Education Leadership Institute Fellowship may be just the professional development opportunity for you!

Benefits of an ELI Fellowship

Learn more about this program firsthand from ELI Fellows who share their insights and experiences:

Look for the Call for applications this fall - the ELI application process will open September 2014. Learn more.  

What ELI Fellows Say About Their Experience

  • "For developing or younger program directors or other educational leaders, this was a very beneficial program to accelerate my development as an effective program leader. Many topics that were introduced I am not sure that I would have come across in this short span of time and my overall development as an effective leader would have taken multiple years to achieve."
  • "This was an amazing opportunity to learn more about higher education; develop an array of leadership tools; and learn from amazing mentors."
  • "This has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences that I have ever participated in. I continue to reflect on, and learn from, all of the online modules, on-site meetings, and discussion boards."
  • "I think the most important element of the program is the network building; it was remarkably valuable."
  • "This is hard work, but if you plan to develop your abilities as a leader, it is well worth every minute of the work."
  • "An amazing amount of content was covered and I'm not sure how someone could possibly function as a department chair without knowing this content. Actually, I know exactly how people function without knowing and "blind" functioning is not as effective as "knowing" functioning."
  • "It was such a valuable experience. I think many of us fell into the job and were figuring it out as we went along. This program provided the tools to guide us. Many of the things we covered helped me understand some of my responsibilities better."
  • "ELI has helped me to become a more knowledgeable and confident leader and I would love see other PTA Educators have the same opportunity. The networking opportunities have been invaluable and our "class" was a safe environment to learn and grow."
  • "ELI can change how an experienced administrator does their job or shape how a new administrator can do their job well!"
  • "I think that ELI is the type of program that many leaders will automatically assume that they do not need. After 20 years as a faculty member, many leadership roles in the clinic and the college, and a past military career, I wondered about the value of ELI myself during the application process. Although it was more work than any of us expected, I found it incredibly valuable and an excellent use of my time."
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