Educator Leadership Development

  • Education Leadership Institute (ELI)

    The Education Leadership Institute Fellowship is a shared collaborative between the Education Section, Academic Council, Physical Therapist Assistant Educators Special Interest Group, and APTA. This yearlong invitational blended learning program is designed to develop physical therapist and physical therapist assistant education program directors with leadership skills to facilitate change, think strategically, and engage in public discourse to advance the physical therapy profession.

  • LAMP: The Institute for Leadership in Physical Therapy

    The Health Policy and Administration Section offer a leadership program in physical therapy.

  • American Council for Education (ACE) Fellows Program

    The ACE Fellows Program enables participants to immerse themselves in the culture, policies, and decision-making processes of another institution. This unique program condenses years of on-the-job experience and skills development into a single year. ACE Fellows spend an extended period of time on another campus, working directly with presidents.

  • Education Leadership Conference (ELC)

    The Education Section and its special interest groups and the Academic Council sponsor an annual fall three-day Education Leadership Conference to address contemporary topics and issues relevant to these audiences.