Academic Coordinator/Director of Clinical Education (ACCE/DCE) Performance Assessments

These voluntary Academic Coordinator/Director of Clinical Education (ACCE/DCE) Performance Assessments are being made available as a resource for use by physical therapist and physical therapist assistant academic programs. Assessing ACCE/DCE performance can be used to support promotion, tenure, workload, and professional development through clarification of the roles and responsibilities of the ACCE/DCE.

These assessments are designed to obtain performance feedback on the unique leadership, administrative, and managerial functions of the ACCE/DCE. The set of assessments includes tools for the academic administrator, faculty, clinical instructors (CIs), center coordinators of clinical education (CCCEs), students, and ACCE/DCE self-assessment. Although the assessments are copyrighted, programs may choose how they wish to distribute these assessments (ie, paper, web-based, database format) and the frequency with which they wish to use these assessments.

Performance data about the ACCE/DCE, Assistant ACCE/DCE, and Co-ACCE/DCE from evaluator groups remains with the participating academic program and is not shared with APTA.

We wish to acknowledge the work of the Ad Hoc Consultant Group on the Development of ACCE/DCE Performance Assessments for their diligence in developing these assessments.