Completing CAPTE Criteria CC-5.40

CAPTE's Evaluative Criteria for the Accreditation of Physical Therapist Education Programs includes:

CC-5.40 Determine those components of interventions that may be directed to the physical therapist assistant (PTA) upon consideration of: (1) the needs of the patient/client, (2) the PTAs ability, (3) jurisdictional law, (4) practice guidelines/policies/codes of ethics, and (5) facility policies.

APTA's Learning Center offers the course "Leading the Team: A Practical Guide to Working with PTAs." This interactive online course, primarily designed for physical therapists (PT) and PT students, provides the learner with the background needed to successfully utilize the knowledge and skills of a physical therapist assistant (PTA) in patient/client care. The course will clarify the team roles and relationships to assure the best patient/client outcomes.

Course objectives include:

  • Model the correct clinical relationship between the PT and the PTA.
  • Describe educational requirements and minimum skill sets of the PTA.
  • Describe patient/client management activities PTAs may and may not perform.
  • Supervise PTAs in the clinical environment.
  • Provide mentoring and assist in career planning for PTAs.

A complimentary resource is available for innovative teaching on the direction, supervision, and mentoring of PTAs: PT/PTA Teamwork: Models in Delivering Patient Care.

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