Peer-Reviewed Teaching and Assessment Resources for PTA Educators

The following curriculum resources are provided for PTA educators. Please contact with questions.

Teaching Resources

Assessment Resources

  • PTA Curriculum Map (.xls)

    This matrix will help you identify where all of the CAPTE Evaluative Criteria are located in your curriculum. The first column includes the criteria from Section 3. Add your course numbers/titles across the top row. As you develop or review your course content, check off the evaluative criteria that are contained within that course. We are grateful to Laurie Miner, PT, PhD, for this document.

  • Skills Check Forms: MMT Practical Exam Scoring Rubric (.doc)

    This matrix is a tool that can be used when scoring student practical examinations on manual muscle testing (MMT). Setting the score is easy thanks to the qualifying definitions. Thank you to Kelli Walsingham, PTA, from Gulf Coast Community College for this tool.

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