Implementing Evidence-Based Practice

The physical therapy profession recognizes the use of evidence-based practice (EBP) as central to providing high-quality care and decreasing unwarranted variation. Although evidence-based practice encompasses more than just applying the best available evidence, many of the concerns and barriers to using EBP revolve around finding and applying research. To help clinical settings address this issue, APTA is collecting existing and developing new resources that provide practical and innovative information on incorporating research into everyday practice. Resources will include information on a variety of methods, models, and real-life examples with application to various settings and patient populations.

Please let us know if you have a strategy you are using in your practice to promote the use of evidence in clinical decision making. We would love to share your ideas, challenges, and success with others. To let APTA know what you are doing in this area or for any questions about this initiative, please contact Lisa Culver, PT, DPT, MBA, senior specialist, Clinical Practice at 800/999-2782, ext. 3172, or

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