Federal Advocacy: Legislative & Regulatory Issues

Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience is APTA's vision for the profession. Making this vision a reality will take a collective and consistent effort by APTA and its membership.

APTA will collaborate with policymakers, payers, the public, and health care professionals in multiple efforts to advocate for policy changes that seek to address both the immediate and long-term needs of the profession, including payment reform, innovative care delivery, improved access to care for patients and consumers, advancement of quality initiatives, and demonstration of the value and integrity of physical therapy. These priorities constitute a call to action—to be engaged and empowered to advance our vision.

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Priority Legislative & Regulatory Issues

APTA's 2015-2016 Public Policy Priorities
APTA establishes its public policy priorities every 2 years in conjunction with each new session of Congress.

The following priority issues will be updated to reflect APTA's public policy priorities for 2015-2016. These resources will be updated as the information becomes available.

Additional Legislative & Regulatory Issues

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