Medicare Private Contracting

Please Note: Legislation on this issue has not yet been introduced in the 114th Congress. Please check back soon for updates. Until then, please see the following resources from the 113th Congress.

APTA has long supported allowing physical therapists to "opt out" of the Medicare program and privately contract with Medicare beneficiaries. APTA believes that Medicare beneficiaries should be empowered to select the health professional of their choice and would support legislative change to allow for physical therapists and other health care professionals to privately contract with beneficiaries.

On March 21, 2013, Representative Tom Price (R-GA) introduced the Medicare Patient Empowerment Act of 2013 (HR 1310), which would provide physical therapists with the ability to privately contract with Medicare beneficiaries.

How to Take Action

E-mail your legislators. APTA has provided prewritten letters for APTA members on the Legislative Action Center and for nonmembers/patients on the Patient Action Center.

Meet with your legislators. Schedule a district meeting, attend a town hall event, or invite your legislators to visit your practice over recess. This is a great opportunity to meet with your members of Congress locally and discuss the importance of repealing the therapy cap.

Join PTeam. Join the PTeam to receive e-mail updates on the latest SGR and therapy cap news and receive alerts when it is time to take action and contact your members of Congress on these reform policies. 

Policy Resources

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