What's New for Residency and Fellowship Programs

  • New Sports DSP Published - December 19, 2013

    The updated Sports Description of Specialty Practice (DSP) has been published by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists.  For credentialed and developing sports residency programs, please ensure your program's curriculum reflects the 2013 version of the DSP.

    APTA - AAOMPT Memorandum of Understanding - October 24, 2013

    In an effort to reaffirm the commitment of APTA and AAOMPT in working collaboratively on the credentialing of OMPT programs, a formal memorandum of understanding outlining the roles and responsibilities of each organization with respect to OMPT fellowship program credentialing has been established. This memorandum of understanding is effective through December 31, 2017.

    For details on the memorandum and its impact on current and developing OMPT programs, please review the letter drafted by APTA and AAOMPT leadership (.pdf).

    2014 Credentialing Application Materials - October 22, 2013

    The 2014 credentialing application materials have posted to the website under Application Resources. If you will be submitting an initial credentialing application or recredentialing application in 2014, you must use the 2014 application materials.

    Upper Extremity Athlete Fellowship - August 7, 2013

    ABPTRFE has recently approved Upper Extremity Athlete as a new area of subspecialized practice for fellowship development. Currently there are two programs seeking credentialing of their fellowship programs. For a listing of these programs, please visit the “Developing Programs” section of the Fellowship Program Directory.

    If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the Description of Subspecialized Practice (DSSP) for UE Athlete, please contact APTA staff at resfel@apta.org.

    Current Projects and Tasks - August 7, 2013

    ABPTRFE along with its Program Services Council and APTA staff remain busy working to create tools and resources for residency and fellowship programs. Below is a list of current projects with their status:

    Mentoring Resource Manual – ABPTRFE established a workgroup to review mentoring in residency and fellowship education and establish clear guidelines, expectations, and resource tools for programs. This group presented their work to ABPTRFE in January 2013. ABPTRFE has approved the initial work and has directed APTA staff to finalize the draft of the resource manual. The Mentoring Resource Manual will be released to the public for a comment period prior to ABPTRFE adoption.

    Curriculum Resource Manual – The Program Services Council has compiled a list of courses and resources offered through APTA Sections that are appropriate for use within a residency or fellowship program's curriculum. The Program Services Council has charged APTA staff to review additional resources available through APTA and its Learning Center. Once compiled, a Curriculum Resource Manual will be posted on the ABPTRFE website to assist residency and fellowship programs in meeting curriculum requirements.

    RF-PTCAS – APTA will be launching a Centralized Application Service for residency and fellowship programs on September 16, 2013. The service is being administered through Liaison International in Watertown, Massachusetts. Applicants to residency and fellowship programs will have the ability to complete one comprehensive application and submit to the program(s) of their choosing. To see a list of all programs participating in RF-PTCAS, please visit the residency and fellowship program directories. In addition, each program participating in RF-PTCAS has an expanded directory located in the RF-PTCAS program directory section of the website where applicants can obtain detailed information regarding application deadlines, program highlights, and supplemental application requirements.

    Grant Funding – The Program Services Council and APTA staff are exploring additional grant funding opportunities for both programs and program participants. Once finalized, a resource of grant funding will be published on the ABPTRFE website.

    CEU Credits for Program Faculty and Participants – The Program Services Council and APTA staff are exploring the feasibility of obtaining continuing education units for both program faculty and program participants of an APTA-credentialed residency and fellowship program to assist these individuals in meeting requirements for licensure renewal.

    ASPA Membership – ABPTRFE has received funding from APTA to explore the ability to obtain membership in the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors (ASPA). This association represents its members on issues of educational quality facing institutions of higher education, governments, students, and the public. ASPA advances the knowledge, skills, good practices, and ethical commitments of accreditors, and communicates the value of accreditation as a means of enhancing educational quality.

    Graduation Benefits – The Program Services Council is developing a survey to gather data from residency and fellowship program graduates that describes the benefits of graduating from an APTA-credentialed residency or fellowship program on the therapist’s career development.

    Cost-benefit Analysis – The Program Services Council is creating a survey to conduct a cost-benefit analysis for residency and fellowship education and program development. Currently the Council has received data on other health professions including nursing, optometry, and pharmacy. The Council will utilize this benchmarking data to create a survey for physical therapy residency and fellowship education.

    Research Related to Residency/Fellowship Education of PTs – Currently, there is an extreme lack of knowledge, understanding, and evidence related to outcomes of residency/fellowship education. The Program Services Council has reviewed the APTA Research Agenda and created a list of those items that relate to residency and fellowship education of physical therapists. In addition, the Council is developing an infrastructure to support research related to these agenda items by helping to provide some direction, cohesiveness, collaboration, efficiency, and identify support.

    Marketing Residency and Fellowship Education – The Program Services Council and APTA staff have begun developing marketing strategies to facilitate the visibility and growth of residency and fellowship education. A marketing consultant will be utilize to help develop a brand and marketing plan.

    Curriculum Evaluation – The Program Services Council is creating tools and resources to assist programs in developing curriculum and to assist the review team and ABPTRFE in assuring curricular content in a program’s defined area of practice.

    Residency and Fellowship 101 - June 4, 2013

    Are you thinking about developing a residency or fellowship program in physical therapy? If so the APTA Learning Center now has an online course entitled, Residency and Fellowship 101. This course was previously offered live as a preconference course at CSM each year.

    This course provides essential information to anyone considering applying for credentialing of a postprofessional residency or fellowship program through the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education (ABPTRFE); and will give you the knowledge and materials needed to finalize your application.

    To learn more about this course and register, please visit the APTA Learning Center.

    We also encourage you to join us at the APTA Conference & Exposition for a 4 part educational program series entitled, Residency & Fellowship 102. Each course is designed to provide greater depth and breadth into the ABPTRFE Evaluative Criteria beyond that presented within the Residency & Fellowship 101 course. During the active workshop for each session, participants will work with ABPTRFE, members of its Councils, and APTA staff to begin completing various aspects of the credentialing application. A full description of each course along with their objectives can be found under Courses and Events for Residency and Fellowship Educators on the ABPTRFE website.

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