Go Green With APTA

APTA has made it easier than ever to help the environment and cut down on clutter.

You can choose to receive digital-only issues Physical Therapy (PTJ) and PT in Motion each month simply by updating your preferences in your online profile (instructions below). You will still have access to your publications online and can reference current and archived issues 24/7/365 — without digging through boxes or files in your basement!

Why Go Green?

Besides being conscious of our environmental resources and making more room for yourself, you'll find PTJ Online full of features not possible in print:

  • Search on keywords, author names, and time periods simultaneously across PTJ and more than 1,000 other journals---including some of the highest-impact research available on the Web.
  • Read "The Bottom Line," clinical summaries that put research findings into the context of practice.
  • Listen to podcast debates and discussions that focus on your practice needs as well as shine a light on the bigger picture of physical therapy services.
  • View videos that show you how interventions were done and how patients progressed through the episode of care.
  • Post a comment immediately about an article you've just read — and have it published later in print.
  • Download PTJ articles directly into your citation manager — such as EndNotes or ProCite.
  • Customize email alerts to tell you when an article has been cited by another article on HighWire, or when a correction or an e-letter about the article has been posted.

For PT in Motion online, you'll see the same full-color layout as you do in the print magazine, with working links to Web sites and e-mail addresses so you can immediately check out further information or make a contact.

How To Go Green

It's easy. Login to APTA.org and click the "Profile" link in the upper right corner. Within your profile, select the "Opt outs/Go Green" tab, choose your preferences, and click "Save."

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