Proposals for Change in Response to Governance Review

Over 3,300 members have provided input to the governance processes of the association, resulting in proposals for change in the House of Delegates, the Board of Directors, chapters, and sections. At their essence, the governance proposals are designed to maximize efficiency, productivity, and transparency through clarification of roles and responsibilities and enhancement of connectivity and collaboration. Change is often difficult, but member feedback and the ongoing evolution of the world at large make it clear that some change is necessary to keep the association thriving.

The proposals are now moving through the appropriate processes for consideration and decision-making. Proposals related to chapters and sections are being considered by those entities. Delegates will consider the House proposal at the 2013 House of Delegates. In the interim a Governance Proposal Work Group has been formed to facilitate a conversation about the House proposal and garner feedback that will help shape the final proposal considered by the House. Elements of the proposal that would require amendments to APTA bylaws will be drafted by and submitted to delegates via Packet I.

Join the Conversation

Virtual town halls were held in September and October to provide opportunities for members to discuss the House of Delegates proposal and provide informed feedback about the elements that they support, are uncertain about, or do not support, and to learn of any modifications members might suggest. Video recordings of the town halls are provided below.

Additionally, comment pages have been provided below to continue the conversation and to reach out to those unable to attend the town halls.

The town halls will be followed by a focused, but broad-based survey to all delegates and other members. With this feedback in mind, potential bylaw revisions will be drafted to bring forward to the 2013 House of Delegates for delegate consideration.

Town Halls

Sept 18: House Process (constituency; activity; Resolutions Committee): Watch Town Halls Members Only Icon 

Sept 20: How An Idea Becomes a Motion & House Constituency: Watch Town Halls Members Only Icon 

Sept 27: Members' Choice: Watch Town Hall Members Only Icon 

Oct. 18: Topic: Members' Choice: Watch Town Hall Members Only Icon 

Oct. 23: Topic: Members' Choice: Watch Town Hall Members Only Icon 

Comment Blog

The following comment pages are intended to provide an open conversation on the proposals for changes in APTA governance, particularly those related to the House of Delegates. It builds on the original proposals and includes feedback from the town hall sessions.

Watch the town halls, check out the ideas, and provide feedback on the following topics, especially modifications that you think will strengthen the proposals.

House Constituency Members Only Icon 

House Activity Members Only Icon 

Resolutions Committee Members Only Icon 

Additional Thoughts Members Only Icon 

Background Information

Members wishing to learn more may access the documents listed below.

Pre-House of Delegates Materials

The following resources were provided to help delegates and other members get up to speed on governance review in advance of the House of Delegates in June. Delegates provided feedback, and further discussion will occur in the September virtual town hall events mentioned above.

Update on Governance Review: Proposals for a Brighter Future (.pdf) Members Only Icon
This 14-page illustrated brief highlights the most significant elements of the Board's proposals.

Podcast: A Conversation on Governance Review, Part 1 (Chapters & Sections) Members Only Icon
This 14-minute podcast (transcript provided) covers proposals related to chapters and sections.

Podcast: A Conversation on Governance Review, Part 2 (BOD & HOD) Members Only Icon
This 20-minute podcast (transcript provided) covers proposals related to the Board of Directors and House of Delegates.

Background Report: Proposal and Background Material on Governance Review for the House of Delegates (.pdf) Members Only Icon
This 60-page document summarizes the Board's proposals.

Additional Background

Vision for the Future of APTA Governance Members Only Icon 

Vision Scenarios Members Only Icon 

Responding to Survey Results Members Only Icon 

Governance Review FAQ (.pdf) Members Only Icon 

Governance Review Subgroups Appointments Listing (.pdf) Members Only Icon 

Governance Review Resources Members Only Icon 

More detailed information can be found on the APTA Communities site on the Governance Review Community, available to APTA members (login to access).

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