2014 House of Delegates Motions: RC 9

The 2014 House of Delegates (House) will convene June 9-11 in Charlotte, North Carolina. During that time, the House will discuss and vote on numerous motions proposed and developed by APTA member delegates and reviewed by the Reference Committee.

RC 9-14 PURSUIT OF DPT AS REGULATORY DESIGNATION OF PHYSICAL THERAPISTS, available below, is 1 of 21 proposed motions.

Please note that the original ("Packet I") language of this and other 2014 motions may be revised numerous times, including on the House floor, before it is voted on in June.

RC 9

Original motion language for RC 9 via Packet I (.pdf)

View all 2014 House motions. | Learn about the motion development process.

Providing Feedback

Prior to the House, APTA members are encouraged to review and provide feedback to their delegates on 2014 motions. Contact your delegate!

Additionally, members and nonmembers may exchange thoughts on this year's motions by leaving comments below or commenting on Twitter using motion-specific hashtags. Members should not consider these comment pages a substitute for direct discussion with their delegates.

Instructions for Delegates

Delegates are welcome to comment here or via Twitter but are encouraged to discuss motions with one another using the House of Delegates Packet I discussion forum. (Only the Chief, Section, Assembly Delegates or their designees may post messages on the House discussion forum on behalf of their delegations. When posting a delegation's official opinion, Chief, Section, Assembly Delegates or their designees should identify themselves at the end of their message as "Chief of the XX component.")



Comments below have a 2,000 character limit and are published after review by the site moderator. Commenting here should not be considered a substitute for providing direct feedback to your delegate.

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