House of Delegates: Student House Ushers

The 2014 House of Delegates (House) will take place June 9-11 in Charlotte, North Carolina, immediately preceding NEXT, APTA's annual June conference.

The application period for becoming a student usher has passed. Thank you for your interest and check back in March of 2015 for the call for volunteers for NEXT 2015.

The Usher Experience

House ushers have the opportunity to see how the physical therapy profession governs itself and sets professional policies. They get a first-hand look at APTA's House of Delegates, a policy-making body of the association, gain a better understanding of how the profession works, and have the opportunity to learn from dedicated and experienced physical therapists as they set the professional standards for the coming year. House ushers serve an important role in the efficiency of the House, with primary responsibilities as messengers and door monitors during the House meetings.

Video: 2013 Ushers Describe the Experience


Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to serve as a student House usher, applicants must:

  • be a current APTA member.
  • be enrolled in a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant program or have graduated no more than 7 months prior to the start of the House of Delegates.
  • be able to quickly and efficiently assist in House of Delegates processes, including, but not limited to: running messages, monitoring doors, checking badges, handing out flyers and other materials to delegates, and assisting in the breakdown of the House Wednesday afternoon.
  • be available to volunteer all 3 days of the House.

Selection Process

Selection will be made at random while taking into consideration geographic diversity and equal representation of schools. In certain cases, spots are held for those academic programs that hold competitions for selection of ushers.


APTA is unable to offer reimbursement for expenses incurred while participating in the student House usher capacity. Those selected will be provided snacks and a student usher t-shirt to wear during House activities.

Apply Now

The application process is now closed. Check back in March 2015 for volunteer opportunities at NEXT 2015.

Selected Candidates


If selected to be a student House of Delegates usher, your responsibilities will include:

  • running messages and motions between delegates
  • running messages and motions to and from the House officers
  • running messages between the House officers and computer operators
  • monitoring the entrances to the House, ensuring that no one enters until the start of delegate reassignment
  • checking badges or APTA member IDs for admittance to the House
  • monitoring the entrances if the House is in closed session to ensure that no one enters until permitted by the speaker of the House
  • distributing flyers and other materials to delegates prior to the beginning of each meeting of the House as needed
  • assisting APTA staff with the breakdown of the House on Wednesday afternoon
  • assisting with the election process as necessary
  • quickly and efficiently assisting in other House processes as requested

Dress Code

In order to achieve the speed and responsiveness of student ushers, the House officers ask that selected candidates wear comfortable sneakers and khaki pants or walking shorts. Please do not wear short shorts. A student usher t-shirt will be provided for you to wear so that you can be easily identified by delegates and the House officers.

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