Heard on the Hill Podcasts

Heard on the Hill is where you can find all the news from Capitol Hill that impacts the physical therapy profession. Our reports focus on the important issues from that month and give you an update on what to expect in the upcoming month. We'll cover such issues as Medicare payment, therapy caps, appropriation funding for research, preparation for APTA's Federal Advocacy Forum, political races and so much more. So, tune in monthly to hear what's going on in Washington DC—so you can stay active in your profession's advocacy efforts.

Topic Time Date Transcript
SGR and Therapy Cap Update 5:30 02/06/14 PDF
APTA Efforts Toward Legislative Relief for Private Practitioners 5:18 10/28/13 PDF
Referral for Profit in Physical Therapy Update 7:02 09/09/13 PDF
August Advocacy Activities: Get Involved This Summer 4:08 07/30/13 PDF
NIH and Advocacy Efforts Update 3:55 06/24/13 PDF
Stroke Awareness, SGR, and the Therapy Cap 5:53 06/05/13 PDF
Federal Advocacy Forum Wrap Up 7:06 04/23/13 PDF
Prepare for April 1 Medicare Payment Changes 5:35 03/26/13 PDF
Updates on Sequestration, MPPR, and Therapy Cap 5:44 02/28/13 PDF
Veterans Affairs and Armed Services Update 8:26 11/13/12 PDF
2012 Election Update 7:43 10/02/12 PDF
Advocacy Efforts for Appropriate Policies in Health Care for Rural Areas 7:37 09/14/12 PDF
An Introduction to the Therapy Cap Manual Medical Review Process 7:05 08/28/12 PDF
Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Law; APTA Priorities 3:31 06/28/12 N/A
2012 Federal Advocacy Forum Wrap Up 5:50 05/10/12 PDF
Special Edition: Health Care Reform: Legal Issue Pending in US Supreme Court 7:22 04/10/12 PDF
APTA's Priority Issues and Federal Advocacy Forum Updates 5:28 03/15/12 PDF
Joining Forces Initiative 5:11 03/02/12 PDF
2012 Medicare Therapy Cap Update 7:40 02/23/12 PDF
2012 Therapy Cap Short-term Extension Update 4:16 01/12/12 PDF