Oral Histories

Oral histories preserve the first-person recollections of leaders who shaped the past and laid the foundation for the future. Since the 1980s, the American Physical Therapy Association has sponsored an oral history project coordinated by the Member Consultants on Oral History and the Information Resources Department. More than 110 interviews and transcripts are available in this oral history collection.

Borrowing Oral History Materials

Only APTA members may borrow oral history materials. Items are loaned for a four-week period. The APTA Archive lends oral histories only when a lending copy is available. Histories in-processing are not available for loan. APTA members and public researchers may schedule an appointment at APTA to examine or view DVDs, tapes, transcripts, and other materials onsite.

To borrow oral history materials, e-mail a list of your selections to: APTA Information Resources, inforesources@apta.org. Include your complete contact information and any deadlines you have. A seven-day notice is required.

Copyright notice: Borrowers have a non-exclusive, nontransferable, limited and revocable right to use oral history materials solely for the user's personal, non-commercial use. APTA oral history materials are copyright protected, and may not be reproduced, transmitted, published, or distributed by the user without the express written consent of the copyright holder (APTA).

Looking for histories from your state or practice specialty? Other questions? Contact APTA Information Resources, inforesources@apta.org, or call 800/999-2782, ext. 8534.

APTA Oral Histories by Speaker

Adkins, Hazel
Anderson, Leon (Jr.)
Ayers, Robert E.

Babbs, Robert
Bailey, Jean Bailey
Barnes, Marylou Barnes
Bartlett, Robert C.
Blood, Helen
Bright, Clara
Brown, Mary Eleanor
Burch, Ernie A. (Jr.)

Campbell, Suzann K.
Carpenter, Cheryl
Close, Jack D. (Sr.)
Corbin, Margaret B.
Cordero, Otto
Cottman, Roberta
Craik, Rebecca Lynn
Crutchfield, Carolyn

Daniels, Lucille
Darnell, Richard E.
Davis, Ken
Decker, Ruby
DeRosa, Anthony
DeRosa, Carl
Dervitz, Hyman

Echternack, John "Jack" L.
Edelsberg, Sally C.
Edmonds, Mary M.
Ekstam, Frances C.
Elson, Mildred
Evans, Vilma

Feitelberg, Samuel B.
Fredrickson, Dorothy
Funkey, Glen

Gimbel, Gilbert

Hall, Charles
Hack, Laurita "Laurie"
Hall, Charles
Hardin, Robert
Hawkins, Harold "Rick"
Hickok, Robert
Hirt, Susanne
Hislop, Helen
Holmes, Thelma
Hultgren, Clancy

Johnson, Geneva R.

Kahn, Joe
Kaiser, Helen
Kaplan, Helene
Kendall, Florence
Kohli, Margaret
Kolb, Mary E.

Lambertson, Elizabeth
Lawton-Atkins, Edith Buchwald
Lehmkuhl, Don
Lewis, Mortimer H.
Lister, Marilyn
Lovelace-Chandler, Venita

Magistro, Charles M.
Massey, Ben
May, Bella J.
McCarthy, Claire F.
McDougall, Richard
McGarrett, Adelaide
McKillip, James
Michels, Eugene
Mills, Joan M.
Moffat, Marilyn
Moore, Margaret Lee

Noland, Royce
Novak, Dan
Nutt, Rex

Packard, Blair J.
Pascasio, Anne
Payton, Otto D.
Peacock, Inez W.
Pendleton, Thelma Brown
Perry, Jacqueline
Plastridge-Converse, Alice Lou
Pinkston, Dorothy
Porter, Doris

Richardson, Jan
Richardson, Robert
Rood, Margaret
Rothstein, Jules M.

Sahrmann, Shirley
Schleichkorn, Jacob "Jay"
Schmoll, Beverly J.
Scully, Rosemary M.
Semans, Sarah
Shepard, Katherine F.
Simons, Archie B.
Simpson, Senora
Singleton, Mary Clyde
Smith, Laura K.
Smith, Mary Stuart
Snyder, Agnes
Soderberg, Gary L.

Tappan, Frances Marie
Teckemeyer, Robert L.
Toole, Mary E.
Towne, Peter A.

Voss, Dorothy

Watts, Nancy T.
Wilkinson, Catherine Perry
Winfree, Jeanette
Wolf, Steven L.
Wood, Elizabeth C.
Wood, Mildred
Wood, Ruth
Woodruff, Lynda
Wroe, Martha

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