Marian Williams Award for Research in Physical Therapy

Nominations are now being accepted for this award.
Nomination Deadline: December 1, 2015

Eligibility Requirements

The nominee has:

  • Outstanding basic clinical and/or educational research that pertains to physical therapy, sustained for at least 10 years, and makes a meaningful contribution to the scientific basis of physical therapy. Grant funding and extramural funding will also be considered;
  • published scientific studies with sufficient frequency in appropriate scientific and/or professional publications;
  • presented his/her scientific studies orally with sufficient frequency to the appropriate audiences; and
  • demonstrated continuity of professional commitment to physical therapy.

What Recipients Receive

A plaque will be presented to the recipient by APTA's Board of Directors at the NEXT Conference and Exposition and an official announcement will appear in an association publication.

Submission Requirements

During the online process, the following documents will be required for upload:

  • Current curriculum vitae or resume of the nominee
  • A letter of nomination that specifically focuses on the strengths of the nominee in relation to the award criteria, not to exceed 3 pages
  • 2 letters of support obtained from individuals who can specifically address the criteria for selection in relation to the nominee, not to exceed 2 pages each
  • Electronic reprints of 4 scholarly works published by refereed journals that present clear evidence of sustained and outstanding research

Letters of support should:

  • Explicitly state how the nominee is qualified under the criteria for selection by providing details on what the nominee has accomplished during his/her professional career that augments the information contained in the nominee's vita, and how it has specifically impacted physical therapy research and/or practice;
  • reflect genuine knowledge and consideration of the nominee's qualifications for this award; and
  • indicate in what capacity the author works or worked with, or otherwise knows personally, the nominee.

Submit a Nomination

Nominations must be submitted electronically. All materials completed and submitted for each nomination must be received by the APTA Honors and Awards Program on or before December 1, 2015, to be considered for 2016 Honors and Awards Program. Please note that the nominator is responsible for reviewing and ensuring the proper completion of all steps within the online nomination submission process before final submission.

Award Recipients

View past award recipients for this award (.pdf).

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