APTA Cosigns Joint Response to Time Magazine on Importance of Exercise

August 19, 2009

Mark Halperin
Editor at Large
Time Magazine
1271 Avenue Of The Americas
New York, NY 10020

Dear Mr. Halperin:

Recently, questions have arisen as to the efficacy of exercise as a means for weight loss – and, beyond that, whether exercise is a needed lifestyle practice at all. As a collective of organizations and individuals that strongly support the benefits of physical activity, we wish to underscore the importance of exercise not only to weight loss, but to overall health.

Exercise is, indeed, a crucial part of the weight-loss equation. Activity and proper nutrition are both necessary keys to both positively altering body composition and maintaining a healthy weight. As reported at the recent “Weight of the Nation” conference, held by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity accounts for some $147 billion in annual U.S. health care costs. At such a crucial economic time, we should be encouraging behaviors that reduce these costs, not further increasing them by promoting sedentary lifestyles.

Perhaps even more important, exercise is a powerful preventive tool that can yield benefits far beyond weight loss. Indeed, exercise has been consistently shown to:

  • Help prevent and treat numerous chronic conditions, including heart disease, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and more
  • Boost mood and prevent depression
  • Enhance quality of life during the aging process, helping to maintain functionality and increase life expectancy

These – not just fitting into a favorite pair of jeans – are the most important benefits of exercise. We encourage Time to highlight these benefits in future stories, in order to give your readers a balanced and accurate understanding of the factors that lead to optimum health.


American Academy of Family Physicians
American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine
American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation
American College of Preventive Medicine
American College of Sports Medicine
American Council on Exercise
American Kinesiotherapy Association
American Medical Society for Sports Medicine
American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine
American Physical Therapy Association
Association for Applied Sport Psychology
Avamere Health & Fitness Club
Be Active New York State
Diane Sabba, Motivational Coach
Fitness Together
Healing Moves Foundation
Ian Fagala, Personal Trainer
IDEA Health & Fitness Association
International Council on Active Aging
International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association
Iuka Hospital Wellness Center
Kelly Kidd, Personal Trainer
Lighten the Load MAKE IT FIT
Medical Fitness Association
National Academy of Sports Medicine
National Association for Sport and Physical Education
National Athletic Trainers’ Association
National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity
Nia International
Plus One
Pop Warner Little Scholars
Shaping America's Youth
Sleep Consultants, Inc.
Società Italiana di Medicina dello Sport e dell’Esercizio
Stephen Taylor, Endurance Coach & Fitness Trainer
Summit Cancer Solutions
Survivors’ Training®
Tara Raisig, RN
United States Professional Tennis Association
USA Table Tennis
USA Taekwondo
Youth Fitness Coalition/Project ACES

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