Physical Therapist Postprofessional Student Membership

Eligibility: Physical therapist postprofessional students must submit proof of full-time enrollment in an advanced postprofessional program or APTA-credentialed residency or fellowship program. Postprofessional students also must meet all of the qualifications for PT membership (see the PT section above for details). A Postprofessional Student Enrollment Verification Form (.pdf) must be completed by the program director or a member of the faculty. Transition DPT students are not eligible for PT postprofessional student membership.

Note: This member category is limited to 5 years for a doctoral program, 2 years for a master's program, and 2 years for an APTA credentialed postprofessional residency or fellowship program. Annual resubmission of this form is required at renewal to verify your continued eligibility for APTA postprofessional membership.

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If you are unable to join APTA online, you can download an APTA Membership Application (.pdf).

For questions regarding membership, contact APTA's Member Services department at 800/999-2782, Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-6:00 pm, ET, or at

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