Membership Matters

Check out our member testimonials!Check out our member testimonials!Check out our member testimonials!

It's impossible to overstate the importance of membership to APTA. Quite simply, as an individual membership organization APTA wouldn't exist without our members. Period.

APTA's total membership has grown steadily over the years, and yet only about 30% of eligible physical therapists are APTA members. That's typical for associations with voluntary membership (not tied to licensure). But when we think of all that the association accomplishes based on only 30% support, we can't help but imagine what would be possible if we doubled or tripled that involvement.

We wholeheartedly thank our current members, and we ask you to support us by proactively sharing these resources with nonmember colleagues and peers.

Testimonials: The Value of APTA Membership in the Words of Members

What APTA Members Make Possible

The Math of APTA Membership Dues

FAQ About APTA Membership

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Membership Matters Week

Membership Matters Week 2014 Highlights

Membership Matters!

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