Membership Matters: What APTA Members Make Possible

Ever wonder what APTA dues make possible?

Through the involvement of our members, APTA moves the physical therapy profession forward!

Here are just a few examples:

Because APTA members support their national association ...

  • The physical therapy profession has a constant, respected lobbying presence on federal, regulatory, and state issues.
  • An outcomes registry is being developed to improve evidence-based care and satisfy a growing regulatory demand for quantifiably effective treatment.
  • PTNow, the clinician's website, is collecting and synthesizing the latest research to help clinicians in the field.
  • A new vision is inspiring leaders in the profession to transform society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.
  • A national "Move Forward" branding campaign is reaching consumers in ever-growing numbers—via the web, social media, podcasts, and video—informing them about the benefits of physical therapy.
  • Physical therapists interested in residency and fellowship programs can apply to multiple programs via a single web-based application.
  • The latest issues affecting physical therapists are analyzed and reported through APTA publications, e-newsletters, and web resources, including assistance with evolving payment challenges related to Medicare and functional limitation reporting.

The above examples represent just a fraction of APTA's impact on the physical therapy community.

However, the financial support of APTA members through annual dues is the most significant revenue source powering these initiatives.

If you believe APTA has a role in protecting, supporting, and advancing the physical therapy profession, you must conclude that APTA membership matters!

Membership Matters!

Join now, or use our Membership Matters resources to encourage a colleague or peer to join!

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