Membership Matters: How to Promote APTA Membership

In a recent survey, most members said they are likely to recommend APTA membership to a friend or colleague.

Here are a few very simple things you can do to spread the word that membership matters!

1. E-mail links to these Membership Matters resources to your colleagues and peers.
We hope these pages address common questions of many nonmembers and help you articulate the value of membership.

2. Include a short message about why you're a member.
No message is more powerful than yours. Share your membership value story. A personal testimonial can be a powerful motivator when recruiting a new member or encouraging a member to renew. You don't need to make an impassioned plea. Just share from your heart why you feel membership is worth your annual investment.

3. Post a picture to social media telling us why you're a member.
Pose with the "I'm an APTA member because..." sign like these members and these members! View instructions and download the sign.

4. Print and share the Membership Matters flyer (.pdf) at your clinic.
Encourage your colleagues and peers to ask you questions about the value and importance of membership.

5. Download and share our Membership Matters infographics.
Open and save the graphics available at the bottom of this page and share them on your website, in e-mails, or via social media (use the .jpg versions), or provide the .eps file versions to an experienced graphic designer or print vendor for use in high-resolution print projects.

6. Share our posts on social media.
Follow APTA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where we'll have daily posts about the value of membership during our Membership Matters Week. Share these posts with your followers to show your commitment to APTA. Include the #APTAmember hashtag in your posts about the importance and value of membership.

7. Make it a habit.
We're asking you to support Membership Matters Week, but advocacy of APTA membership can happen any time. Please don't feel shy about supporting your association!

41 Cents of Dues Dollar Graphic 295x295
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Course and Conference Savings Graphic 295x295
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Cup of Coffee Graphic 295x295
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Imagine 100 Percent Support Graphic 295x295
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Membership Matters!

Join now, or use our Membership Matters resources to encourage a colleague or peer to join!

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