Membership Matters: Value Testimonials: Patty Brick

Brick, Patty

Patty Brick, PT, MS, GCS (Northfield, NJ)

"I'm an APTA member because it links me to the best and brightest ideas and people in our profession and makes me a part of "moving forward."

I am a member now for about 33 years. It never occurred to me not to join as a PTA student, as a PTA, as a PT student or as a PT.

I have always appreciated the obvious perks of membership, things like newsletters and journals—more than I can possibly read but love having at my access either in hand or on my screen when I have 5 minutes to spare or 5 hours on a plane. Those words bring me evidence for my clinical practice, news of colleagues' accomplishments, or the most up-to-date analysis on legislation that affects me or my patients.

Another perk of membership is the meeting and education opportunities on a local and national level. I have made it a practice to attend every district and state meeting I can. I've seen a lot of the same faces, friends, and future colleagues every time.

I look forward to networking with longtime colleagues and welcoming the new ones, sharing ideas and concerns on our profession, patients, and practices.

It never ceases to amaze me at the "a-ha moments" that I leave with each time, moving me forward in one way or another.

But I think the benefit I value most is my access to those people and ideas that I could never imagine I might meet or know, leave alone have the opportunity to serve with.

I made a commitment to myself when I was a PT student to attend a national event at least 1 time per year. I did that the day I was stopped on an elevator in San Diego by an older woman who welcomed me and wished me a good CSM, calling me by my first name, making me feel like she was an old friend. During the conference I saw the woman presenting a lecture on muscle strength; I then realized that I had met Florence Kendall that day in 1996 and didn't realize it.

She was my first, best, and brightest encounter. More recently I had the privilege of serving on the Vision Task Force with physical therapists from all over the country, coming together to create a phrase that will change the profession forever.

Since 1981, I have come to know authors and researchers, clinical experts and educators, administrators and business owners, vendors and political figures, and delegates and committee members that I have shared time with as an APTA member.

I think I am lucky to be a part of this organization. I belong because I want to "move forward."

Don't you?

Patty Brick, PT, MS, GCS, of Northfield, New Jersey, is a former president of the New Jersey Chapter. She currently serves as the chapter's chief delegate in APTA's House of Delegates.

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