Membership Matters: Value Testimonials: Cindy Flom-Meland

Flom-Meland, Cindy

Cindy Flom-Meland, PT, MPT, PhD, NCS (Grand Forks, ND)

I have been a member for 23 years. I joined as a student and have been a member ever since.

My excitement for APTA was ignited when I attended an annual conference as a student. I was able to see and feel the enthusiasm that others had for the profession of physical therapy and begin to get a sense of the value of what the organization does for us.

The feeling I left that conference with felt analogous to a runner's high, but I called it a "PT high."

From then on, there was never a question of "to send" or "not to send" my renewal. It got me excited for a profession I love as much today as I did as a student, and it was the ignition to my involvement in the profession; I have been involved either at the state level or national level ever since.

Health care, as we all know, is undergoing monumental changes. APTA is at the table working to make sure our patients don't lose out on the services they need.

I see my membership as insurance for the future of this profession, which ultimately affects every patient and family we work with on an everyday basis.

I would not think of driving my car without insurance, so why would I consider practicing my profession without insurance?

I'm an APTA member, because it's the right thing to do!

Cindy Flom-Meland, PT, MPT, PhD, NCS, is associate professor at the University of North Dakota's Department of Physical Therapy, and she is assistant academic coordinator of clinical education. She also practices at Altru Health Systems in an inpatient rehabilitation setting.

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