Membership Matters: Value Testimonials: Thomas Janicky

Janicky, Thomas

Thomas Janicky, SPT (Brick, NJ)

The value of my APTA membership is demonstrated through the numerous connections, mentorships, and professional and personal relationships I have gained over my short time as a #DPTstudent.

Engaging and taking full advantage of my APTA membership has changed the dynamic of my physical therapy school education and has opened endless doors for national to international professional collaboration and learning!

I like to think that instead of waking up every day and sitting with a class of 64, I log on to my Twitter account and keep up with the latest news via APTA with 24,000+ students! This type of "brain pooling" is an educational opportunity that is impossible to put a value on.

Being part of the team has allowed me to find my voice and make a stronger impact on my profession on multiple levels.

APTA member conferences and gatherings have become more than just educational opportunities for me. They have become opportunities for me to reconnect and really discuss the important issues surrounding physical therapist practice, with colleagues and political figures from across the country.

It is amazing to think that I can play such an active role and #BeTheChange for the better, when it comes to my future practice and patients. APTA provides me with the confidence and security to go full force with these efforts, and the endless support is what keeps me going strong.

Over the years I have learned some really outstanding lessons around the importance of communication and sharing the value of the physical therapy profession. If it were not for this lesson I would have never connected with Lauren Kealy, a Regis University DPT student and creator of the #DPTstudent tweetchat!

Collaborating with Lauren (@laurenrSPT), participating in the endless #DPTstudent Twitter community and following the @APTAtweets account provides me access to instant APTA updates and different educational perspectives.

Meanwhile the Move Forward brand (@MoveForwardPT) provides me with some really fantastic resources to share with my family, friends, and patients to help further spread this value and help spread the message that physical therapists are the practitioners of choice when it comes to musculoskeletal health and wellness.

I am energized by the endless constructive conversation, and I look forward to connecting with current and future APTA members throughout my career!

Thomas Janicky, SPT, is a doctor of physical therapy student at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. He tweets at @TJ_Janicky.

CSM 2016