Membership Matters: Value Testimonials: Joonsung Lee

Lee, Joonsung

Joonsung Lee, SPT (Newark, DE)

The big value of APTA membership is that members are able to make connections and have effective mentoring and educational relationships.

I am the only international student (South Korea) in my class, so I didn't know any physical therapists in the United States before applying for PT school. However, APTA membership played an important role in my life as PT student.

I was able to attend a great national conference and student conclave, making wonderful connections with other PT programs' students and physical therapists. One PT I met at an APTA meeting became my mentor. This was my happiest moment because he always gave me great advice and made me feel a sense of belonging in 1 big PT family in the United States. He also introduced me to other physical therapists and guided me to become a good PT for patients.

I also was able to meet a lot of friends at the APTA meeting. Friendship with other DPT students is fantastic. We have similar concerns and expectations about PT school life, and I am able to talk about my concerns with other DPT students, which makes me feel better. They also encouraged me to overcome every difficulty.

Even though I have been in PT school a relatively short amount of time, I have come to know great professors and friends, physical therapists, and clinical experts and researchers from APTA membership.

Joonsung Lee, SPT, is a doctor of physical therapy student at the University of Delaware.

CSM 2016