Membership Matters: Value Testimonials: Brooke McIntosh

McIntosh, Brooke

Brooke McIntosh, SPT (Sneads, FL)

The value I find in being an APTA member is beyond anything I could have imagined when I first became a member as a requirement for my university.

From the connections I have made to the amount of information I have learned just from being part of this association is worth way more than its weight in gold (or yearly dues).

Being an APTA member has allowed me many opportunities, such as expanding my professional network by connecting with other DPT students and practicing physical therapists, finding mentors, and learning about the issues that our profession is facing and what I can do about them as a student.

I say with confidence that APTA has armed me with the knowledge and resources to be a productive member of the physical therapy profession.

I find it to be my professional obligation to support and help advance my profession, and being an APTA member enables me to do that with its countless resources and endless opportunities for both personal and professional growth.

I am a member because I love my (future) profession and I know that with APTA in my corner the best is yet to come.

I may have been required to join my professional association as an incoming student, but since then I have renewed my membership without hesitation and with great pride, and I plan to do so annually.

I am a proud APTA member and know there is only more to come from this amazing association. I cannot wait to be a part of it!

Brooke McIntosh, SPT, is a doctor of physical therapy student at University of St Augustine for Health Sciences in Florida. She tweets at @brookemcintosh.

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