Membership Matters: Value Testimonials: Nicholas Rech

Rech, Nicholas

Nicholas Rech, SPT (Ulysses, NE)

I am a first-year PT student and therefore fairly new to APTA. With that said, I have not had a lot of experience benefiting from my APTA membership in a direct way aside from the online resources and monthly PT in Motion magazine. However, I view my membership as so much more than the tangible things that everyone recognizes.

I feel that as an organization we are greater than the sum of our parts. By simply being a member of APTA, I show that I am committed to personal growth as a professional and to advancement of the field in engaging in the best rehabilitative practice. I view my yearly dues as an investment in my career. This money goes toward funding research, lobbying in Washington for physical therapy interests, and a whole host of other things.

Greater than the financial abilities we create as an organization are the opportunities for networking and sharing of knowledge, receiving the most recent PTJ publication, PT in Motion magazine, and weekly APTA news e-mails. This keeps me up-to-date with current research, political action, and novel ideas circulating throughout the physical therapy community.

Nicholas Rech, SPT, is a doctor of physical therapy student at the University of Delaware.

CSM 2016