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Renshaw, Bo

Bo Renshaw, PT, MSPT, ATC (North Little Rock, AR)

I have been a member of APTA since graduating from physical therapy school in 1998.

I have seen the impact that my membership has made on our profession in my state and across the nation.

APTA has encouraged each member to be involved with legislative issues that affect the way we practice. This has prompted me to contact legislators on federal issues such as the Medicare therapy cap and state issues such as protection of the term "physical therapy."

I really felt a connection when issues of copay reform became pressing within my state. APTA was readily available with support and resources to tackle the issue.

APTA has been an invaluable resource as our state is preparing for payment reform, and the association has spent countless hours researching and preparing physical therapists to be leaders in health care reform, while also paving the way for strong, lasting relationships with the leaders of CMS and within our legislature.

This has allowed me to approach legislative and regulatory issues with confidence. I know my voice will be heard because I have seen firsthand how quickly they can respond to matters that affect me and my colleagues.

The valuable support and resources provided by the association allows each member to know they have a larger group to rely on.

I look forward to their continued efforts to support me as a professional.

Thank you for affirming that my voice matters!

Bo Renshaw, PT, MSPT, ATC, practices in private outpatient orthopedics at Harris & Renshaw Physical Therapy in North Little Rock, Arkansas, with emphasis in manual therapy, sports medicine, women's health, work hardening/conditioning, and chronic pain.

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