Membership Matters: Value Testimonials: Rob Worth

Worth, Rob

  Rob Worth, PT, DPT, OCS, MTC, ATC/L (Appleton, WI)

My greatest professional opportunities and best friends have come out of my involvement in APTA. I have been both humbled and inspired by the amazing people that I have had the opportunity to surround myself with through my involvement.

There are so many mentors of mine who I have watched bring our profession to where it is today. I also see great potential and vibrant energy in our next generation of leaders and volunteers who will take our profession places that we cannot event imagine.

Though the professional opportunities that arise and the chance to make a difference in the world for our patients and profession is certainly rewarding, involvement in the APTA is not all work and no play. Attending APTA conferences and being involved has allowed me to form friendships that no doubt will last a lifetime.

My wife probably best highlighted the fun side of being an involved APTA member when I recently accompanied her to one of her professional conferences (she is not a PT). I met up with her at the end of her afternoon of conferencing and asked her what everyone was doing next. She replied, "We are done for today, and we just see everyone tomorrow. It is not like all your PT friends at those APTA conferences who go out to dinner, have more 'meetings' and then hang out together until 2 am!"

One of my life mottos both personally and professionally has always been to do the right things with the right people for the right reasons and good things will happen. APTA certainly encompasses all of these elements: Be involved in APTA and good things will happen!  

Rob Worth, PT, DPT, OCS, MTC, ATC/L, is the CEO/co-owner of Advanced Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine in Appleton, Wisconsin.

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