NEXT Conference & Exposition Media Registration

If you wish to register for press credentials, you must review the Conference Press Registration Policy below (includes information related to access, media interviews, audio/video recording, and photography) and fill out the registration form at the bottom of the page.

Questions or concerns regarding any of the information contained in this policy should be directed to APTA's Senior Media Relations Specialist Erin Wendel-Ritter by email ( or by phone 703/706-3397.

Press are responsible for making their own transportation and housing arrangements. Learn more about housing and travel options.

APTA Conference Press Registration Policy


Annually, APTA hosts its Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) in February and its NEXT Conference & Exposition in June. APTA welcomes the opportunity to host press at these conferences, which are professional events and are not open to the public. Press credentials will be issued solely at the discretion of APTA's Public and Media Relations staff. Credentials will only be provided to editorial press who represent a print, broadcast, or Internet news organization and whose sole intent is to generate coverage for the conference or the physical therapy profession. APTA is entitled to inspect the credentials of and refuse access to conference press registrants for any reason. Press are required to wear their badges at all times in the convention centers and exhibit halls. In the interest of being environmentally conscious, APTA does not host a press room at CSM or NEXT. Registered press will receive a flash drive containing APTA and conference exhibitor press releases. Other important information will be communicated by email in advance of the conference.

Press Passes

Press interested in covering CSM or NEXT are strongly encouraged to register in advance. Each news organization is limited to 2 press passes. A press pass permits access to educational sessions, exhibit halls, poster presentations, and other non-ticketed events such as the opening ceremonies. You may purchase a ticket to preconference sessions and ticketed events, otherwise your access will be denied. Closed business meetings will not be accessible to press. Press passes must be picked up from the Member Services Counter located in the conference registration area. Press materials will not be mailed in advance of the meeting. Details about your press registration will be communicate by email.

  • Eligible Registrants: Editorial press affiliated with trade publications, television and radio stations, Internet publications, including active blogs and podcasts with a physical therapy or health focus, and freelancers and publishers who can verify editorial assignment and activity.
  • Ineligible Registrants: Account, advertising, marketing, public relations and sales representatives/ consultants, book authors, exhibitors, newsletters and publishers who cannot verify editorial assignment or bylined activity, and social media ambassadors.

Advance Press Registration Instructions

  1. Complete online registration form.
  2. Submit a byline sample of your work.
  3. Submit a letter of editorial assignment if you are a freelance writer or publisher.

Onsite Press Registration Instructions

To obtain a press pass onsite, you will need to provide photo identification and a business card issued by your news organization to APTA's Onsite Media Contact. Freelance writers must provide a letter of assignment or bylined articles. Press passes will be issued only to editorial press affiliated with print, broadcast, or Internet media.

Onsite Interviews With Members of APTA Staff and Board of Directors

Requests for interviews with any member of APTA's staff or Board of Directors should be submitted for consideration to Erin Wendel-Ritter by email ( in advance of CSM or NEXT. If the interview is granted, she will work with you to identify a time and location to conduct it.

Onsite interview opportunities with members of APTA's staff or Board of Directors that are not arranged in advance of CSM or NEXT are extremely limited. However, APTA understands that news and information can develop during conference that may be of interest to your news organization. To obtain onsite approval for media interviews, you will need to text, email or call APTA's Onsite Media Contact who will make every attempt to accommodate your needs.

Onsite Media Interviews Excluding APTA Staff or APTA Board Members

Media interview requests that do not involve members of APTA's staff or Board of Directors will not be arranged by APTA's Media Relations Staff. Press are responsible for coordinating all aspects of interviews that do not involve members of APTA's staff or Board of Directors.

Audio and Video Recording and Photography

APTA requires all press to observe the following guidelines with respect to audio and video recordings and still photography.

Audio Recording:

  • Handheld audio recording devices are permitted only for reporting or personal purposes.
  • Audio recordings may not be rebroadcast in whole or in part for any reason at any time.
  • Audio interviews with individual presenters are permitted only if the interviewee has given explicit permission prior to recording.
  • Audio recording in the exhibit halls is permitted with explicit prior permission from the interviewee.

Video Recording:

  • Video recording is strictly prohibited at all times and for any reason in meeting session rooms and exhibit halls.


  • Photography in the exhibit halls is strictly prohibited at all times and for any reason.
  • Press is responsible for securing all permissions necessary to take a photograph, including photographs of presenters before or after their session. (Disclaimer: Images of copyrighted material printed without the prior consent of the copyright owner is strictly prohibited.)

Media Registration Form

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