• New for 2014 - Space Assignment Based on Priority Points

    Beginning in 2014, space assignments will be determined by a Priority Point System. As the exhibit floor continues to grow, APTA believes this is the most fair, consistent, and equitable way to assign space. Learn about the NSC Priority Point System (.pdf).

    NSC Rules and Regulations

    Priority Point Information
    One point is accrued for booth placement for each year that a company exhibits at NSC. (NOTE: The point accrual system for NSC is separate and distinct from that of other APTA national meetings, including NEXT Conference and Exposition,  and the Combined Sections Meeting, (CSM). Exhibiting companies may contact APTA's Exposition Services team to receive their total points accrued.

    The first infraction will result in a verbal warning, and the exhibitor will be asked to sign off acknowledging the warning. If refused, a member of the Exhibitor Advisory Committee will sign off that the warning was issued. A second infraction will result in a loss of points. A third infraction will result in immediate suspension from the show and an automatic 1-year suspension. If an exhibitor reaches 0 points, a 1-year suspension will be imposed.

    Demerits are applied as follows:

    • Loss of 2 points for major rule infraction (badge violation, outside booth solicitation, subletting of space, violation of the Rules and Regulations, and violation of FDA regulations).
    • Loss of 1 point for minor rule infraction (setup violation, booth occupancy, smoking in hall, excessive sound levels, and odor annoyances).

    If it becomes necessary to relocate an exhibitor for any reason, the APTA Exposition Services team will contact the exhibitor by phone to discuss alternatives.

    Part of Contract
    The policies stated here constitute a bona fide part of the contract for exhibit space. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) reserves the right to render all interpretations and decisions, should any questions arise, and to establish further regulations as may be deemed necessary to the general success and well being of the exposition. All matters and questions not covered in these policies are subject to the final judgment and decision of APTA.

    Acceptance of Application
    APTA reserves the right to reject any and all applications. APTA determines the eligibility of any company or product to be exhibited at the National Student Conclave (NSC), either before or after the proper execution of the contract.

    Booth Assignments
    To obtain a desirable booth assignment, your application should be submitted as soon as possible. Applications for exhibit space are based on a priority point system. Applications received after the due date will be assigned on a first-come, first-served, space-available basis. Applications received after the assignment of booths begins will be considered in order of receipt and as space permits. A company that has not settled all previous accounts with APTA will not be assigned booth space.

    Booth Payment
    An exhibitor is defined as all of the following categories: Companies that share officers, executive boards, staff, sales personnel, support groups, or ownership in whole or in part of: (A) profit and nonprofit corporations, organizations, associations, or businesses, including acquisitions or mergers thereof; (B) solely owned subsidiaries of "A;" (C) a division of the above categories "A" or "B;" (D) a United States military organization; (E) a United States government agency.

    *The cost is $900 per inline booth, $1,000 per corner booth and $3,920 per island. Booth fee includes a 6-foot table, 3-foot side drape, 8-foot back drape, 2 chairs, and a trash can. Carpet is not included in the booth fee, but is required for exhibiting at NSC.

    *Booth fees listed above reflect early-bird rates.

    The application/contract for exhibit space shall be completed and submitted by one of the following methods: (1) By mail with the check made payable in US dollars drawn by a US bank to the American Physical Therapy Association or (2) by credit card (credit card information will not be accepted via fax or e-mail).

    Cancellation Policy
    Cancellations must be received at APTA in writing on or before September 4, 2014, and are subject to a 50% administrative booth fee. No refunds will be issued for cancellations after September 4, 2014. (The policies stated here constitute a bona fide part of the application and contract for exhibit space.)

    Cancellation of Exposition
    Should any situation beyond the control of APTA arise to prevent the opening of the 2014 National Student Conclave, APTA will not be held liable for any expenses incurred by the exhibitor except the rental cost of booth space.

    Entering Another Exhibitor's Booth
    Exhibiting company personnel should not enter another company's booth space without invitation, nor should personnel block access to another booth.

    Exhibitor Code of Conduct
    Each representative of an exhibiting company is expected to conduct himself/herself in a professional manner. Although a spirit of friendly and honest competition is recognized as a valid business practice, the use of deceptive and/or unethical methods to obtain information and/or gain an advantage over a competitor is considered to be a violation of this Code of Conduct. Violation(s) of local and/or federal laws can result in immediate suspension (without verbal warning) from the exposition. A violation of this Code should be reported to APTA staff for prompt attention.

    An individual who is found to have violated this Code will be suspended from participation in future APTA expositions for a period of time. The individual also may be suspended from this exposition at the discretion of APTA.

    Exhibit Space Staffing
    Each exhibiting company is expected to staff its booth(s) adequately during exhibit hours. Exhibits must be arranged so that the exhibit and personnel are within the rented space.

    Exhibitor Service Kit
    Complete instructions, schedules, and prices regarding shipping, drayage, labor, electrical use, furniture, carpets, AV equipment, etc, will be included in the Exhibitor Service Kit. Exhibiting companies will receive the kit from the official service contractor, Global Experience Specialists (GES), after booth assignments are made.

    Failure to Occupy Space
    Unless previous arrangements are made in writing, any booth not occupied by the exhibiting company by 9:00 am on Friday, October 31, 2014, will be forfeited without refund to the exhibitor, and the space may be resold or used by APTA.

    Hanging Signs
    Signage for in-line tables must face the aisle that the front of the booth faces. Double-sided signs that interfere with neighboring booths are not allowed.

    Inspection of Tables
    APTA will inspect each exhibit space prior to the opening of the Exhibit Hall to ensure that the exhibitor has adhered to the rules and regulations set forth in this document. APTA staff will inform the exhibitor of any infractions; all corrections must be made before the Exhibit Hall opens.

    Installation and Removal of Exhibits
    The exhibit area will be available beginning Thursday, October 30 from 7:00 pm–10:00 pm and Friday, October 31, at 7:00 am–8:30 am for exhibit preparation. Each booth must be completely set up by 8:30 am on Friday, October 31, 2014. All exhibits must remain intact until 1:45pm on Saturday, November 1, 2014. Any exhibitor who partially or completely dismantles his booth before 1:45 pm on Saturday, November 1, 2014, will be placed on a low priority list and will incur the loss of 1 point for minor rule infraction for the 2015 National Student Conclave in Omaha, Nebraska.

    Each exhibiting company is required to insure itself against property loss or damage and against liability for personal injury. Provide the name of the insurance company covering your company for this exposition in the space supplied on the front of this application/contract. Your application/contract will not be considered complete until the name of the insurance company is provided.

    Island Booths
    Because an island booth is separated from all neighboring exhibits by the width of an aisle, full use of the floor space is permitted. However, the design of the booth must allow for see-through visibility and accessibility from all 4 sides. Island booths may not exceed 16 feet in height. A sketch of the exhibit must be approved by the APTA Exposition Services team prior to installation. NOTE: Hanging signs are not permitted.

    The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), the Wisconsin Center, and the employees and representatives thereof shall not be held responsible for injury, loss, or damage that may occur to the exhibitor or his property from any cause whatsoever. APTA, its employees, or representatives shall not be held responsible for any injury, loss, or damage caused by the exhibitor or his employees or representatives.

    The exhibitor agrees to indemnify those listed above against any claims for such loss, damage, or injury. Upon signing the contract, the exhibitor expressly releases the foregoing institutions, individuals, and committees from any and all claims for loss, damage, or injury. This also includes the period of storage prior to and following the National Student Conclave.

    Prohibited Activities
    Cameras and photography are prohibited in the exhibit area unless prior written permission has been obtained from APTA. Exhibitor personnel should not enter another exhibitor's space without obtaining permission from that exhibitor, nor should personnel block access to another table space. Exhibitors may not assign, sublet, or apportion the whole or any part of the space allocated without the written consent of APTA.

    Referral-for-Profit Guideline
    APTA is opposed, as a matter of health care policy, to arrangements under which sources of referral (including physicians) stand to profit from referring patients for physical therapy. The policy, adopted by the House of Delegates, states: "The American Physical Therapy Association opposes participation in services that is in any way linked to the financial gain of the referral source." (Financial Considerations in Practice [HOD 06-99-13-17]) Because of this policy, APTA does not accept exhibit or sponsorship applications from companies whereas any physician or referral source has a financial interest in the practice and refers patients to an employed physical therapist or to a physical therapist who supervises an employed physical therapist assistant. Please contact APTA at 703/706-3223 should you have additional questions.

    APTA will provide perimeter security during installation, exhibit, and dismantle hours. Each exhibitor must make provisions for safeguarding goods, materials, equipment, and displays at all times. APTA shall not be held responsible for the loss of or damage to any material for any cause and encourages the exhibitor to exercise normal precautions to prevent loss or damage as a result of theft or other causes.

    Shipment of Materials
    GES Exposition Services, the official service contractor of the National Student Conclave, will e-mail Exhibitor Service Kits to all confirmed exhibitors, which will contain all necessary order forms. Exhibitors must make arrangements with the official exhibit contractor for removal, storage, and return of empty crates.

    All business activities, circulars, and advertising material of the exhibitor may be conducted and/or distributed only within the exhibitor's space. No material may be placed on seats or attached to walls, ceilings, or woodwork in the exhibit area or left in public spaces. Publishing companies shall not solicit other exhibitors to advertise in their publications at NSC.